Health Insurance - Injury of a Spaceman


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-21 - In this week's 10 for the Chairman Chris Roberts mentioned a barter economy for field health care. 

My immediate thought was that a fairly automated payment system could easily be handled with a rudimentary Health Insurance system. I mean -- if we have Hull Insurance -- why not Health?

Note: "Healing" beam from PAX Australia FPS Presentation pictured, right. As seen in AtV #19.

Q9 - Gleep - 19:56 - How do you envision a person flying a Cutlass Red or MISC Endeavor Hospital ship making money? Will we receive a payment once our medical bay heals somebody?

A - Yes, there will be ways to do that, transactional job boards and contracts. Barter/payment. If they didn't do the job they could be suspended. Uber as an example. [source]

How could that work? 

Well, we can take a lot from modern day equivalents, but needn't be overly burdensome.

Potentially all field medical services could be set with standard prices, all though additional hazard and other charges could apply. When these services are rendered, a submit bill option could be activated. You could submit a standard bill or add the additional charges. (Friendly/Org medics may not charge, and you could always set up a contract to heal outside the insurance system to avoid hiking premiums and/or attracting too much attention from authorities.) 

Additional charges could be standardized but what law-level you are in... none for UEE controlled space, some amount for outlaw or pirate space, and more for hostile alien territory. Insurance pays out more or less automatically (once the bill is received based on intersystem communications). And premiums for the patient adjusted, and any deductibles would be charged.

Some issues with fraud and exploitation would need to be covered.

What do you think? Worth doing? Or an unnecessary complication?