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(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-06-27 - We took a look at the new project by Michael Morlan, aka Viewmaster. Michael was head of production (and director, and writer, and etc.) at Wingman's Hangar (WMH) and was asked by fans to keep contributing to the community after WMH was replaced by CIG's new show 'Around the Verse'.

Today, the first episode of his new show 'Galactic Inquiry' aired, featuring Wes from 'The Hull Truth' talking about ship armor & shields, some fluff & fun, a short interview with the newest RSI forums moderator @applecrow, as well as fan art. Michael also talks to kinshadow about his backstory and the two end up chatting about games (especially Ultima Online).

Showcasing the creativity of the Star Citizen community.

Michael's new show is supposed to revolve exclusively around StarCitizen's diverse and creative community. Besides fanfiction, community videos, game news and interviews, the team is also thinking about featuring commentary, radio dramas, aerospace news (anyone remember 'this week in space'?) and contests. As Michael puts it: "I miss the "fluff" we used to do and really want to return to that format, with breaks for silly bits." Further down the line the Viewmaster is also imagining traveling to different cons and meeting up with the community.

In order to be able to produce the show on the known level of a WMH episode, Michael Morlan finances the production via Patreon. This is a platform for content creators, where supporters can become a patron of a certain artist, concept or show and pledge an amount of money they commit to give for each creation that is produced by that artist. Subscribers are charged at the end of the month and can cancel their subscription at any time.

While all this may seem like competition between Ben Lesnick's new show 'Around the Verse' and Michael's 'Galactic Inquiry' - don't despair, the Viewmaster's project has CIG's blessing and even Eric 'Wingman' Petersen has pledged money for the show.

So far, Michael Morlan has raised 1,500 dollars per episode. If you want to hear the master pitch his idea yourself, check out his rather funny fundraising video:

In order to subscribe/pledge, visit:

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