A few looks at the impending Asteroid Hangar


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-07 - Last Friday's Inside CIG gave us a look at the "The Art of the Asteroid Hangar", but we also saw a bit more in "Star Citizen: Asteroid Hangar Racing" by Disco Lando (both presented here). Asteroid Hangar is also going to be the debut of the "Room System" which will create a more modular layout with potential for granular upgrades and is slated to be released as part of Patch 13.

Disco Lando's work is done by pulling out existing assets in the current patch 12.4. He's animated his Greycat 6000 SUX creation (modified GreyCat buggy that can now apparently fly), flying through the asteroid hangar work-in-progress.

Official "Inside CIG":

Last few seconds are quite inspiring.

(Although I am not fan of these highly crowded apparently stable asteroid fields, I think they should be too unstable to build in, or more sparse.)

"Inside CIG" is a successor to the Studio Reports and intended to be a semi-regular show, split off from it's original appearances in Wingman's Hangar, and not moved forward into Around the Verse, but made to stand on its own. Hope to see more of this.

So when are we going to see this? Next patch is likely going to be 12.5, planned to be the last iterative minor release of the Hangar Module and Arena Commander v0.8. We expect to see that this week or next. Patch 13 is supposed to be Arena Commander v0.9 and probably quite a few changes in the Hangar, it'll probably not drop a week after 12.5. In spite the fact they've been working on them in parrallel it's likely going to take a few weeks to ready that, but don't expect a full month. But none of that's official, they've been avoiding actuall dates recently.

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