Congratulations to Four Horsemen and all involved with The Next Great Starship



Note: Delayed post, actually published on - 2014-06-19

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-08 - In yesterday's live finale Four Horseman's "Redeemer" gunship won both the judge's and the clinching Community vote for first place in the The Next Great Starship competition.

Judges particularly felt that the team had pulled together the "full package", best implimentation and presentation, putting them over the top of it's very strong competition, Shard Collective's Origin AX-114.

3Dingo was awarded third place, as decided by community vote, after having been eliminated from the final round for not being able to make a contest deadline for submission of the in-engine implimentation.

Fresh off the release of the Arena Commander Module, the sense of relief was palpable on the set. Several CIG staff expressed privately that there had been some anxiety around going forward with the show, if the Arena Commander hadn't finally been shipped before the live date. Fortunately thanks to the tireless efforts of the CIG team, the release did happen, and while still rough around the edges as expected for a "pre"-Alpha release, was generally well recieved.

Both of the finalist teams were there live in Los Angeles California, having been flown in by CIG. Citizen Star News was there on the live set, at Google's YouTube Space LA studios.


(Editors Note: This story got a little bogged down and not released in a timely manner. Apologies. - Ed.)