Citizen Star: This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-06-20


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-06-20

Citizen Star

If you don’t mind a few spoilers (and odd textures), Citizen Star Teller (/u/t3ller) has been cranking out videos and images delving into details of everything we know about Star Citizen, from digging into the various official and unofficial releases.

And this entertaining alien mascot who we’d previously seen in the constellation commercial:


Teller’s been a frequent highlight and a good friend of the show, providing digital sets for our for the video edition. Check out his YouTube Channel.

Star Marine

On the Star Marine front, disappointingly still no release, or even dates. We have been give continued mentions of progress, and the challenges still faced. More and more company resources have been pulled in to work on this very hard problem of getting it all together and revamping the network server back end. Hard to tell when this logjam will be broken free.



PC Gamer E3 Video

Chairman and head of the Star Citizen project, Chris Roberts, took a moment to record a message that was aired on the PCGamer Show at the E3 conference, this last Tuesday. 

After greeting the PC Gaming community and showing us some of the progress on performance capture, Chris showed off Squadron 42 preliminary footage. 

It’s a pretty exciting look actually. Officially revealing the Retribution Super Dreadnaught and several more of the Vanduul ships. Actually at this point, almost all the “leaked” ships have been officially revealed in some form or the other. CIG has seems to have deliberately released these to erase the difficulties in discussing these assets.

CryTek released CryEngine 3.8

OpenGL, Linux and Oculus Rift and a raft of other improvements. It’s unclear at this time how this is going to effect Star Citizen since the two projects are drifting apart. But still should be good resources for Star Citizen’s team. [source]

Ship Shape & Ship News

This week’s Ship Shape featured Anvil Aerospace and gave a first official look at the F8 Heavy Fighter…


Ben Lesnick took to the forums to announced that there is a concept ship sale coming up, the Genesis Starliner.

Genesis-class Starliner – The Genesis is yet another landmark in Crusader Industries’ proud history of transport designs. This ship utilizes award-winning manufacturing techniques and the highest quality parts to create one thing; a next-generation passenger ship at a price that won’t break your budget. Crusader Industries’ proprietary NeoG engine technology offers some of the most efficient flight for a ship of its size. The Genesis line has been cited in Whitley’s as “one of the most reliable and safe public transport ships on the market.” Genesis Starliners are available in a number of stock configurations, focusing on everything from passenger capacity to freight to overall comfort. The UEE military operates multiple Genesis conversions for support roles, including SWACS and starflight test operations. [source]

It’s been described as something like an Airliner, but it’s Interesting that there will only be a capacity of 40 on the ship, not 100 or more like today’s airliners. Apparently they’ve decided to have small passenger cabins as Director Ben Lesnick mentioned during on online conversation. [source]

The concept sale should start next Friday and run for 10 days. This space dreamliner can be yours with a pledge of $400. [source]

All ships flyable in Arena Commander

Fly free week, all currently flyable ships are available to all backers this week. [source]

Jump Point!


Just released is this month’s edition of the Jump Point digital magazine. (Jump Point is available on the official website for those who opt in for the subscription packages.)

Behind the Scenes on the Reliant Design and Web Site overhaul

Lore drop about Cubby Blast, a chain of gun stores originating from the greatest collection of scum and villainy in the SC Verse: Spider in the Cathcart system. (A space colony consisting almost entirely of lashed together ship wrecks and debris.)

Spotlight on Concept Gurmukh Bhasin, features interior of the Vanguard, which is almost entirely an escape pod, w/ living quarters for two.

Tal System, Xi’An & Perry Line

This is actually fascinating stuff. A look at one of the few systems in Alien Xi’An Empire controlled space where humans are welcome. Combination of Trade and Production hubs comparable to Stanton in the UEE. The different planets are all color coded by this alien culture. Can’t wait to visit.

… that’s all we have for now… this has been Citizen Ed, hope to see you next week … in Star Citizen!