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(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-05-30 

Citizen Star

This Week’s CitizenStars: Dillek, Zulu and all the folks over in the Ship Size Comparison Ship Scale thread. Similar to last week’s CitizenStar Voon, they’ve been working tirelessly to keep up with all the released data on star citizen ship sizes.

Check out these great renders and silhouettes!




This week we get to say Happy Birthday to two of the people that have contributed greatly to the success thus far in Star Citizen!  Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner! Thanks for all you’ve done and may all your fondest dreams come true.


This last week’s hot ship was definitely the MISC Reliant

More than 13,000 Reliants sold so far, according to Reverse the Verse

Sale continues until monday.

We learned in the Q&A comm-links that top speed will be higher in horizontal mode, but it will be more maneuverable in vertical.

They don’t really seem to be making this a dynamic shifting profile in combat, which is a shame. I think something that moved smoothly between the configurations with cockpit seats that rotated as needed would be really quite thrilling. I hope they are just underselling what they intend for this while they figure what they can deliver.


Star Marine

We are still eagerly awaiting the Star Marine FPS module to be released to us for alpha testing, which as you may know has been delayed by the networking rework and held back for “polish”

According to Producer Travis Day on the Reverse The Verse livestream, there are still some large `blockers`for FPS release, but it is feature-complete.

During the Show Around the Verse the FPS studio Illfonic update talked about polishing FPS hit animations and trailed off about plans after the end of next week.

So perhaps we could see a PTU version of FPS in the next few weeks?

We are so looking forward to seeing this expansion of the Star Citizen Alpha.



Also, a new segment, Which Glitch?

Showed off a few really funny glitches. Check out here!


Dominating the news this week has been … The Larch… wait I mean THE LEEK. 

First, right off the bat, need to be clear that nothing that would classically be defined as source code was leaked. 3d assets, audio files, level/area designs, tools and scripts, yes. But no actual source code.

So the story begins last Friday, a community manager (who I decline to single out in this context) posted an image with a distribution torrent "link" visible in the picture. It was meant to tease the exciting news that the first company wide internal test of the upcoming "StarMarine" FPS was ongoing. That "link" was noticed by redditors and they managed to figure out how to use it to start the download of their own. Many were quite surprised to find the download completely insecure. Theories about this being an intentional leak were tossed around, but many redditors did the right thing and notified customer support. With this being the beginning of a long week end, it apparently took a while to shut down the CIG torrent seeds on the Amazon Cloud (S3), by that time some already had all the files and could continue to share without CIG's help. Giving out that kind of access to the whole company and not securing is arguably a leak waiting to happen, that's why I don't think it's fair to single out the community manager by name. It was a facepalm-worthy blunder to be sure, but I have a hard time pointing a finger here.

Having looked at the directory & file listings, I can be pretty sure this was not an intentional leak. There were a lot of levels, tools and assets that I don't think would have been intentional leaked. Early state of much of Squadron 42, the existing landing zones, every ship they have "in-engine" although not in hangar and the starmap seem like they would have been stripped. Honestly CIG should probably consider honing down what they distribute even in internal builds, seems like a lot there that wasn't needed for a StarMarine + Arena Commander test.

The reason people can get at these assets and play with them is that the distribution uses the same format that the CryEngine Dev Kit saves its project work in. People have been taking apart the public releases in order to do their own videos and images for quite some time now. So pulling apart the leak wasn’t that much different.

CIG has discussed protecting these assets better. I would imagine for the SQ42 game, protecting those levels would be paramount to avoid people publishing cheat guides.

The "AfterMath" - Pros and Cons

Because CIG is pretty open with their development, the negative effects are fairly minimal. There were some things that were intended for Squadron 42 reveals that won't be as much a surprise, and the Starmap may need to change a bit, since some undiscovered systems are listed. My suggestion is that they should tweak it so anyone using this data to explore would find themselves in some really dangerous astronomical phenomena, black holes, suns or shredded in a really tight fast moving asteroid field. 

It is not good that these reveals wasn't handled according to plan. I am sure this has been a discouraging experience for many devs, whose hard work shows up in this manner.

I've seen some odd folk that seem to have an axe to grind make accusations like this "proves CIG was lying" and honestly I don't understand it. Nothing that has leaked has been contrary to the state I've understood things to be in. I pay pretty close attention to the "official word" and everything so far shows that progress is pretty much exactly where CIG has described.

But... people ARE excited to see the sneak peeks. It’s unsurprising that the info hungry Star Citizen fans have devoured the info, even as it’s impressive that some of the more  information has been kept out of the general eye. The press is largely good. So there are some upsides as well.

In statement on the official forums Director Ben Lesnick stated CIG is committed to not getting distracted and keep driving the project forward. 

Development will continue :) We'll take some time to look at security and social media policy, but it isn't going to change how much we share or what our goals for Star Citizen are. I don't think there will be a statement beyond asking that backers please do not share content that spoils elements of Squadron 42 for other players. I've asked that the mods keep everything off of our forums, and other communities like Reddit are free to set their own rules. - [Source] Ben Lesnick - CIG Director of Many Things, including the Community Team

It’s been very difficult to figure out how CSN should talk about the contents of the leak, some of the stuff is out there, not that difficult to find. If you are eager to have a look, check out the starcitizen subreddit or 4chan … if you dare.

The press has largely restricted itself to the more detailed version of the awe inspiring Bengal Carrier. Which has the advantage of being worth looking at and also not being so different than the original trailer, so isn’t that much of a spoiler. YouTubers and streamers have been mixed. CitizenStar GrayHeadedGamer has vowed not to touch them, but CitizenStar Teller has made it his cause to make sure the leaked assets have a chance to look good. (Many of the leaked photos are done in a rush, without textures and effort on lighting.) CIG’s policies have been to allow discussion but no renders or assets on its forums.  We’ll follow CIG’s lead at least for this week. We do hope to see more from CIG, “normalizing” the difference in the coming weeks and months, and make it easier to talk about the great work people at CIG have been doing. But honestly they’ll probably pretty much ignore the leak ever happened. Like we saw when the Freelancer variants leaked last year.

What has been seen:

Models of many of the SQ42 ships - Bengal, Pegasus, Idris, Javelin, F8 Lightning, Retribution super dreadnaught. Argo utility craft included in the Idris and possibly other capitals. 85X from the 890 Jump Yacht. Many many enemy alien Vanduul Ships we’ll be taking on.

We saw Reworks (in progress) of Freelancer and Constellation - Both bigger with a bit more room to move around in as has been hinted at. And the Merlin subfighter rework recently glimpsed in the Ship Shape show.

Banu Cargo Ship that has been teased, now we saw the exterior model.

The area Maps from the Social Module and FPS

WIP Star Map

Some WIP progress music. As I am given to understand NOT the final versions. The final soundtrack is said to be much more advanced.

So these have been very interesting times…

… that’s all we have for now… this has been Citizen Ed, hope to see you next week … in Star Citizen!

The video showed the old promo featuring the Bengal and scythe fighters (instead of leak assets)... you can check out here:

Amazingly still looks great and you can still admire that Bengal!

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