Citizen Star - This Week in Star Citizen - 2015-05-23


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-05-23

Citizen Star 

This Week’s Citizen Star... Voon!

Who has been showing off fascinating scale comparison images in an RSI-Forums thread called Voon’s Happy Holo Hangar


He turned around some great images of the new Concept Sale Ship the Reliant within a few hours.


In a follow up to Last week’s Citizen Star Feature, people that have contributed design ideas for Ship Shape with Lisa Ohanian have something of a vindication, there is now a formal contest.

Some choice selections:

Check these out and there's still time for new people to come up with a proposal of their own. Contest is running through the end of the month and the prize is a Starfarer Gemini.

MISC Reliant


Now about that Reliant. We’ve been seeing a lot of MISC ships lately but this is something different. Playing up the alien (Xi’An) tech agreement that MISC (aka Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern) has in the lore, we have something quite unique here.  


This is a starter ship, meaning not too expensive or large intended to potentially be someone’s first ship in the ‘verse,


... looks like a flying wing on the ground in landing mode, but hull can rotate around the two person cockpit and become vertical. Presenting very different silhouettes.


(Not mentioned on air, but note in the concept art above, the wings can fold up while in landed.)

It was mentioned in RtV that while the seats rotate with the configuration, not g-force. But it was an interesting idea to have them counter blackouts and redouts.


I like the invocation of the Star Wars B-Wing here on the weapons configuration around the lasers, but this is still a totally different ship.


Designer is David Hobbins, who is rumored to be working on Star Wars as his day job these days but still does contract work for CIG. Designed the mustang and did the rovers. We note that the concept art credits DavidHobbinsDesign… so a new design company has been formed?



The planned variants are:

•“Researcher” – A science-oriented model that carries internal signal dampeners and an advanced scanner suite for discovery missions.

•“News Van” – Designed for deep space broadcasting, the ‘News Van’ Reliant adds an Image Enhancement Suite that helps capture every moment of life in the stars.

•“Skirmisher” – The frontier combat version of the Reliant trades cargo for a high-yield powerplant, stronger shields and additional weapons mounts.

So combat version, starter science, and one wonders what interesting facilities a news van would have. News Van caught us by surprise and we are very interested to find out what they put into this and how actually useful this will be.

If you want to know more, be sure to check out the Official Q&A Thread - A couple of comm-links will be released next week to answer a selection of these questions.


Available this week as a concept sale (w/ LTI) for this week only, although as a starter ship will likely be offered with a game package before too long. Variants will not be sold with LTI, so if that matters to you, buy the base model now and upgrade later.


Squadron 42

We’ve been seeing a lot of behind the scenes for the Squadron 42 performance capture shoots in England: Around the Verse and Sandi’s Gardiner’s Facebook postings. We also saw that Sandi got digitized for inclusion into the game. The big smiles all around, hint at how well this is going. Looks like everyone is very happy with the progress and we look forward to seeing the results.

In possibly related news, Mark Hamill tweeted that he is working on a secret project in London. Many of assume this is Squadron 42 with Chris, who has said he’s happy to get the ol’ band back together. Mark of course is most famous for his work in the Wing Commander Series, and some other films I am sure no one really remembers. Still there is no real confirmation, shouldn’t get our hopes up too much as it could easily be something else. It would be great to see Mark Hamill himself appear at least as a Cameo in the game.


StarMarine news Friday was said to be the first company wide StarMarine test. Ben mentioned this on RTV. Jared “Disco Lando” has been teasing looks. A good sign that we may be seeing a public test someday in the not so distant future.

Drake Dragonfly

Lisa Ohanian mentioned on RtV that she is trying to get the Drake Dragonfly spacebike made. We at Citizen Star News support this Idea. Get on the forums and support this.