Citizen Star News Status Update


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2018-04-07

While there has not been a lot of activity here on the site of late, the project is still considered alive, and we intend to continue providing support for Star Citizen Journalism related projects.

We are still actively tracking Star Citizen development, community and a few at least tangentally related topics on Twitter.

The current thoughts for the website is a redesign to support low frequency blog style posts, maybe occasional org profiles, and link in our Twitter Feeds. If we'd want to go beyond that again, we'd need a strong team. Contact us on CitizenStarsDiscord, if you are interested.

Remember to support your SC Journalists & keep up with current Star Citizen News via:

Please check out our related project: (CSN is considering moving our archive of articles here in the long run.) You can often find me there at:

And watch out for future projects by: (an in role play, in game news project), including support for Daymar Rally.

Citizen Star/NEWS - RSI Org Update

For the short term, NEWS is focusing on journalism support through the UNN-NEWS project

NEWS is also now a Charter Member of the Rising Stars Mutual Aid Network  (aka the Network).

Our members (and truly, any interested parties) are encouraged to check it out, join the Discord (off the RSI Org link above).

This incurs no immediate requirements for our affiliates who are not officers or staff of CSN.

For members of the UNN-NEWS program, the benefits would simply be the Rising Stars Network's goal of "providing a friendly face in every system", to help our in game journalists get around and find local sources for news. (I am sure many Network members wouldn't mind a friendly bit of publicity here and there were possible.)

Citizen Star News and UNN-NEWS are now doing business and communicating on our sister org CitizenStars' Discord.

Please feel free to contact us there about continuing and upcoming SC Journalism and related projects.

- Ed

Rising Stars Discord:

Citizen Stars Discord: