Citizen Star News conversation with David Haddock


Note: Delayed post, actually published on - 2014-06-19

(Citizen Star News/Citizen Ed & Mako) - 2014-06-11 - At the TNGS Finale off stage, we ended up in an extended conversation with David Haddock, discussing canon, time scales, fiction, lore, and the like. Your man with a cam, Mako, grabbed the opportunity to reset and get some of it on video. (Presented here in three parts, read the full article for context and the second two videos.)

After which I (Citizen Ed) jumped back into the conversation to ask David about the effects of the contraversial 12:1 compressed time ratio that Chris Roberts had spoken of recently:

We learn here that the subject is still being hotly discussed. Compression ratios are not set and still under discussion. Mr. Haddock does see value in 1:1 lore time, but that has to be balanced against gameplay issues.

I don't think David really got what I was proposing when I discussed "independent timescales". Where logged in time might be compressed, but lore time would not be, and we take advantage of each player's logged out time to fudge the difference. I let it go since it is kind of a crazy idea that I am not too keen on either.

It was an interesting point that one of the issues they were trying to solve was a balance between realism and having new planets be terraformed and come on line for use (in addition to the primary issue of travel times). I frankly did not consider that this was planned to happen. A player can discover a planet through exploration, and come back later to see it terraformed and perhaps even inhabited? Is that more important than having clocks synch'ed with the real world?

And the last topic we got on video was about Marina J. Lostetter, and revisiting the space journalist character Ulla Yadav from the Dateline: Sesen serial:

Many thanks to David, who was a great guy to talk to and has done such great work on Star Citizen.