CIG Gamescom 2014 Livestream


Update - 2014-08-16 - Friend of the Citizen Star, Byronyk, has produced a watchable video of the livestream from the broken stream captures, with commentary and links to help fill the missing bits: Star Citizen - Gamescom 2014 Live Stream. Thank you, good sir!

Updated with video of Multicrew Demo by Kingnewbs.

 (Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-15 - The long awaited Star Citizen event at Gamescom 2014 (Cologne, Germany) was mind-blowingly impressive. Chris Roberts ambition with the game is starting to show real results.

There were a few technical problems, largely difficulty keeping up the stream, seemed to be a Twitch problem as much as CIG. (Twitch support reported general problems during the event.)


  • Constellation Commercial and Variants (Available Today v0.8 Patch 12.6)
  • Racing Mode Demo (Arena Commander v0.9)
  • Coop Vanduul Swarm (Arena Commander v0.9)
  • All ships faster top speeds w/ maneuvering thruster overload (Arena Commander v0.9)
  • All new hangars w/ Room System, including yet to be released Asteroid Hangar (Arena Commander v0.9)
  • Multi Crew Ships (will be available in Arena Commander v2.0)

Top News: 2001 inspired Constellation Commercial

New 2945 Constellation model was patched into the Hangar this morning with version 12.6. Several of the variants are patched in as well, but the Luxury Phoenix is not yet available, nor is the exploration themed Acquilla.

The Constellation Variants

And this COMM-LINK

Racing Mode

Racing Mode will be available in a few weeks with version v0.9.

Coop Vanduul Swarm

Available in v0.9


Really excited by this, and the "friend codes" for picking teams and opponents. Our future Pitchfork Challenge events should be greatly aided by this.

New Hangars

Seems like we will be able to change our hangars, and the hangars will dictate what part of space you are in. Won't be able to start on the fringes with a deluxe hangar.


There was a live demo of Multi-crew mode, which was very impressive.

Captured from live stream by Kingnewbs

Careful not to get sucked out of the ship in the event of a hull breach as what happened to this poor guy on the first pass of the LIVE demo:


Literally blown away!

The demo featured several people crewing a Connie, being sneak attacked by a Super-Hornet. A surprising amount of cinematic camera work for a live demo. I wonder how much of this will end up in game. Also interesting to note that this attack happens in low orbit/high atmosphere. CIG seems to like being on the edge of space due to the more interesting visuals.

Teaser for FPS Module

Which to be featured at PAX Australia:

Repair Bears

And many thanks to tireless work of the repair bears working to pull this off:


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