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(Citizen Star News) - by Gerald Evans - 2015-04-30


- MISC Reliant in 3-4 weeks.
- The HULL B is so far the best selling of the series.
- The cargo is secured to the ship via magnets.


1: In 10FTP:5 Travis and Darian talk about the C&C functionality of the game, which sounds like RTS gameplay. Could you elaborate more on this?

    We spec'ed this out very early on, and there is a command and control console on the bigger ships where you can almost run it like a battlefield simulation.

2: Will the Tracker get a second seat to be able to handle this functionality?

    The Tracker is a dumbed down version. Think a smaller version of the Hawkeye.

3: How will you get the containers from an Orion to a C/D/E?

    You'll need a special container on the hauler to transfer ore. Maybe. But you won't need a third ship to move the containers from the Orion to a transport ship.

4: Regarding the C/D/E cockpit sections and the amount of space need to store the beams, will that cut down on the living quarters?

    Nope. There is more than enough room and multiple decks to spread out in. There's plenty of room in there.

5: Since the HULLs can collapse, can you collapse halfway and only open or extend the sections you need?

    Yes you can only fill the top and sides on a B if you like. You can collapse and extend the ones that you need.
    You will lose some control fidelity if you don't load it in a balanced fashion.

6: Would it be possible for the spindle to be partially deployed instead of fully deployed.


7: How would you position the Caterpillar now? Has it's concept changed in design? How would you position it now?

    It's still the Freelancer's evil twin.
    It is tractor beam heavy, and made to take on HULLs and make off with the loot.

8: Does a HULL come with containers? Do you need to buy your own?

    It will vary by job.
    If you're transporting your own stuff you'll have to provide your own containers (see the StoreAll Comm-Link)
    If you're being hired to transport some one else's goods they will probably provide the containers.

9: How does the Starfarer work with cargo now?

    We're going to show you that in the near future.
    It will have both tanks and cubes.
    If you want to see it come sooner, let us know on the forums.

10: Is the Starfarer just a refueler and liquid transporter or can if fill more roles?

    It can be used for any purpose, with any container.
    It has built in systems for fueling, and can have refinery parts installed.
    It looks sexier as well.

11: Can a HULL A fit inside an Idris?

    I don't know offhand.

12: Will there be modules enabling the HULL and others to become Q ships?

    Yes. We're not ready to sell them as such yet.
    They'll have traps and hiding holes, etc.

13: There are two racing suits: Red (lightspeed) Orange. Are they different?

    Yes, and it's complicated but I don't remember.
    It comes with tradeoffs. Racing suits mimize g-forces at the cost of protection and weapons points and storage.
    The racing suit is the lightest suit you can have.

14: Last week I asked about the failsafe if you're locked out. Could a pilot shoot you and take over the ship?

    Yes he could shoot you. He may have to hack into the systems to allow himself to bring a weapon on board though.

15: Could you add a landing mode so we don't slam into the ground?

    Yes. We're aware and working on it.

16: We can fly to the hangar in 1.1.1, but it's not really intact. In the PTU 1.1.2, we can't fly to it. Are you going to add it back to the game?

    I think we will. It may have been removed in order to fix a bug, but I'll look into it.

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