Bensday with Batgirl and Ben Ep 17


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-04-16

 Weekly interview with CIG Community Director, Ben Lesnick starts 5:25, after discussions about 1.1.1 and SCAA business:

  • Ben is taking some time off to attend Star Wars Celebration

  • Effect of "Logoffsky" in PU - Character stays as an NPC with instructions to get to safety. If that NPC dies, you may die, but they haven’t decided.

  • SET Standard Earth/Empire Time - There will be a clock in game. May be switchable between the competing Earth and Terra times.

  • Limited ships at events, ships will also be available at the website.

  • Name our ships; Be visible on the ship. Will come with the paint system.

  • Stores in Social Module; will not replace pledge store

  • Pledge store still planned to be removed after release. “Thinking that way.” Ben says. Sounds like there is room for change?

  • SQ42 - Ep 3 - 2017 release what does that mean about the PU? Not linked. No delays to the PU to wait for SQ42 Episodes.

  • Aurora Nerfing - Only constant is change. Balance is in progress.

  • Point Defense - C-Wiz. Uses a specialty hardpoint.

  • Pianos for Phoenix upgraders (if you didn’t get one, contact CS)

  • Social Module will be released - And character creator will be created in that (later releases).

  • Jenn Varner - Community Content Manager - May create social events in game.

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