Around the Verse Episode 39


(Citizen Star News) - by Gerard Evans - 2015-04-09

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00:56 - Intro/News
02:22 - News from Around the Verse
11:28 - Arena Commander Highlight 
12:00 - Austin Art Team Roundtable Preview
17:00 - Arena Commander Highlight
18:17 - Interview with Will Weissbaum and Cherie Heiberg
30:23 - Bugsmashers
35:15 - Outro
36:57 - Sneak Peek

Empire Report:

Is Martian terraforming coming undone: We look at data that shows the Martian landscape may be less stable than we thought.

Black Mountain Tea: Millions drink it but could the stimulant be behind a new ailment?

The 5 most annoying things about visiting Stanton 3.


- Sandi and Ben Welcome us.

- Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.(1.1.a?) will hopefully be available this week.

- 1.1.1 has the Gladiator flyable, second seat functionality for the Super Hornet, Gladiator, and the Cutlass

- (Ticker reads: You're playing with my emotions Ben)

- CR is in London directing the S42 film shoot.

- [Redacted]

News from Around the Verse

CIG - Santa Monica: Darian and Lisa (production team)

-Randy is designing a sandbox map which lets him test how the AI interacts

-The players will never see this.

-They're working on the Genesis Starliner concept.

-Players can ride around on it, and probably escort it.

Illfonic: David and Travis

-Finished prototyping SATA Ball mode and getting it hooked up in code.

-Worked on better full-body 'look' poses for zero-g and pre-vis for Space Marine.

-Reworking the effects for all the weapons and grenades between ship and handheld weapons for consistency and   continuity.

CIG - Austin: Jake and Nathan (designer PU)

- Tony started his work on the pioneer occupation - exploration, charting newly discovered territories.

- Working on "grabby hands" so you can pick things up with some type of visual fidelity.

- Making shops and the services / mechanics feel unique to their particular areas.

      -Cubby Blast will have a shooting range.

Foundry 42 - Luke and Danny (sr and jr designer)

- Working on a tutorial for Arena Commander to engage and inform new players to include T/O&L, Systems, Combat

- The Asteroid hangar now has a fully designed interior and exterior. And you'll be able to fly in and out of it at will in free flight mode once the tutorial launches.

11:28 Arena Commander Highlight

(Video bumper shows a very crowded landing pad)

Thanks to YouTuber Daniel 1245

12:00 Austin Art Team Roundtable Preview

Jenny (Community Team - Santa Monica)

Patrick Thomas (Lead artist PU)

Vanessa Landeros (Animator and motion capture specialist)

Josh Coons (3D artist)

Lee Amarakoon (Effects artist: Made the snow globes)

Jenny: Austin is the PU office. Is there anything you'd like to say that you think the fans would want to know about?

Patrick: The levels are looking incredible. We're reaching a point in games where the quality approaches cinematic. Also very excited about the whitebox stage. Stunning effects.

Vanessa: We're populating them with hundreds of animations, like a barfing scene while waiting for a doctor. There will be different attitudes, such as a shy dancer or a drugged-out dancer.

Josh: I'm on ships but I'm occasionally pulled out to do PU tasks.

Lee: With particles and effects I'm trying to not blow up your video cards. It's fun making smoke and holograms, screens. I make the advertisements. When I do screens I put easter-eggs into them. It's going to be fun doing nebulas and asteroids -- space effects stuff.

Thanks for coming to visit us and sending us cookies. Thanks again!

17:00 Arena Commander Highlight

(Video shows someone trying to fly a M50 into a Constellation)

Thanks to Corporation Inc Science Division YouTuber Glaw Inc.

Sandi / Ben:

- Jared (Disco Lando) is now the Community Manager with a focus on editing.

- (Ben forgets his joke)

- Sandi comments that they'll have to edit it out now.

18:17 Interview with Will Weissbaum and "The Archivist" Cherie Heiberg

- Cherie is helping make sure all the tools and data sets are managed in such a way that everyone knows how to find them.

- Also: Will can not confirm nor deny ground-based missile launchers.

- Cherie has a Masters in Library science with a focus on preserving the history of video games.

- She came to protect your childhood memories.

- Appropriately she's wearing space pants. Nice touch, Cherie :)

- The Mustang line is only available on Rytif. (Really?)

- She's working on the Galactaepedia which will be a living resource and will cite players for discoveries in the PU.

- She's interested in the Tevarin (Tah-Var-en) and their history in the Battle for Centauri.

- She likes Terra over Earth (who doesn't?)

30:23 Bugsmashers

99 little bugs in the code,

99 little bugs in the code,

Take one down, patch it around,

...127 little bugs in the code.

- Mark Abent repairs a bug with the Gladiator where the ship will collide with and kill the player with G-Safe turned off.

35:15 Outro

- Tickets for Gamescon go live tomorrow as well as info regarding it.

- Sandi, James, Ben, Alexis and more will be there.

- Tomorrow: Design brief covering FPS stances and breathing.

- Limited time sale on Super Hornet and Gladiator tomorrow.

- Tune in tomorrow to check in with the CIG Frankfurt team.

36:57 Sneak Peek

- Animated: The mining drone!

Thanks to StarCitizenNewsRadio

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