Around the Verse Episode 37


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-26

Summaries and Links:

Empire Report

Synthworld Explosion - Kilometer's long flame from the station

Saisei Statesmen Dead - Governer Fiedler Alderone dead at 162 years, suspicious circumstances?

Scientifica Honerarium - Could change the way we hear sounds in space

1:04 - Intro/News

1.1, Manual, Retaliator Brochure

Too popular and had to spin up more servers.

1.1A? Next version. Debate on new numbering scheme.

Retaliator in hangar

Gladius flyable.

StarCitizen is on instagram, Jenny in Austin set it up.

3:49 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

Darian and Matt Sherman (Tech Designer)

Aurora hard point discrepancy

Endeavor and Crucible entering concept, Starliner progress

Constellation being made flight ready. Kirk working on that.

Illfonic, Denver

Knocking out a lot of bugs

Rendering issues on Gold Horizon station, flickering.

Fixed collision issues

Breathing systems, not there yet but receiving work.

Zero-G collisions, AEGIS?


Skelton of Mark (Art Director and Circus Clown), Jake Ross (Producer)

Working with Behavior on Terra and Nyx. Finished whitebox?

Nyx - Mining details. Melting Ice.

Terra - Higher end hub. Expanding. Monorails, spaceport, places to visit and by things.

Shout out to Behavior who have been "killing it"

Foundry 42 UK

Argo - carries cargo, sits under the back of the ship. Makes thrusters problematic. Main engines are on the landing gear like Cutlass.

Helping Illfonic balance the weapons (which are all in).

Looting system.

16:12 - Bugsmashers

Joke about being the last episode? Pretty sure that's a joke.

Mass of the Mustang doubled? What is happening? Hierarchical model tree, getting counted twice.

22:36 - MVP

CCU and Upgrade system - The Diagram (Now Interactive)

Org - Grim's Reapers

23:37 - Vanguard Discussion

Lance Powell and Gurmukh

Redeeemer-esque heavy fighter.


Wings fold in. Lots of animations:

(Thank you, Star Citizen - Fanaticos del Hardware)

Aegis evolving. Brand identities. Visual language.


32:56 - Jake Ross Interview

Associate Producer in Austin, report to Jason Hutchings

Art and Design things in Austin, w/ Mark Skelton, and Behavior.

42:11 - Outro

Free flight week for the Gladius

Vanguard fighter concept sale tomorrow

Gamescom and CitizenCon tickets available soon

Year 3 subscriber info

New corporate website.

43:21 - Sneak Peek

(Thank you StarCitizenNewsRadio)

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