Around the Verse Episode 36


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-19

Empire Report

Augmented Limbs - Where is the source DNA coming from?

Stranded In Space - Emergency responder not answered. What do you need to do to protect yourself

Black Jacket Reunion Tour

0:57 - Intro/News

SXSW Most Anticipated reward

Welcome new backers! A lot of new pilots out of the conference season.

Rally car with new stickers

3:17 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

Travis in Colorado

Merlin, Freelancer and the Herald

Weapon and mount standardization

Elwin working on the Merlin - Glass canon manufactured by Kruger, which is an "off brand". Character "angry" ship. Also working out this weapon and mount standardization here.


Frantically working for release

Recharge station - wirelessly recharge.

Previz Zero-G movement. Stepping up the animation.

Travis there to help coordination with other teams, and to streamline decision making process.

REC interchangeable with Arena Commander. Earn and purchase in both interchangeably


Sculptures, decorations for landing zone

Solar Panel Prop, finished Radar Prop

Mining Game play - prototype soon!

SXSW Video - A lot of new stuff, work on the landing zones contributed. Very happy with the results.


Thrusters - Gladiator thrusters working under way.

20:01 - Juston Hutchins interview

Senior Game Producer, PU

Coordination with the team, and cross-studio, and sort of Asst to Tony Zurovec. Some Game Design.

Blizzard World of Warcraft Alumni

Looking forward to the transition between vehicle and FPS/Infantry combat.

Tony Zurovec is incredibly detailed oriented

Star Citizen's pace is much faster than he's used to.

29:16 - MVP

The Hadrian Convention - Analog of Geneva Convention

Org - Deep Space Disco - SID:Disco

30:06 - Sandi's Flight School

Zane Bien - UI and HUD

39:33 - Outro

Jump Point - Retaliator Issue

1.1 someday, maybe today!? No... not today. Updated scrawl informs us that the release has been delayed.

All flyable ships are available to test this week.

(Note: End credits has a cute retrospective/throwback sequence of Community Team pics.)

40:29 - Sneak Peek

Thank you StarCitizenNewsRadio for grabbing the Sneak Peak.

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