Around the Verse Episode 35


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-12

Empire Report

5 Ways to protect your data

Vanduul killing our children

Xi'nu Cuisine

1:02 - Intro/News

Highlight reel of PAX

Monthly report for February available.

3:34 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

Drake Herald - Inforunner being redesign to be symmetrical

Retaliator - Test bed for multicrew and GOSt (Game Objest State machine)

1.1.0 - Tidying up. 

Procedural Damage system is lowering memory requirements significantly. Older ships need to be converted over.

Cool interviews coming out of PAX - GamersNexus on the Zone system.


Just coming back from PAX.

Things to clean up, but really happy with how things work.

Zero-G movement is going to receive some work, not quite were they want it yet.

Bugs to fix and then shortly out to testing and release.


Demo for Social/ArcCorp

R&D being done on mining gaming play.

Mobiglas - in game model being worked on. Very excited, very important part of the game. Want to get perfect.

Foundry 42, UK

Reviewed some exciting new features of 1.1.0:

Mulitplayer free flight. (Getting good reactions to this in PTU.)

Make sure to post bugs on the forums



16:37 - Bugsmashers

Vanduul Swarm, busted AI. Retaliator's fault! Pre-fab system.

27:23 - MVP

Guy hijacks and flies Vanduul Glaive

Featured Org - Blackstar Initiative

28:23 - Customer Service

Chellexis - finally pretty much caught up on tickets, new CS reps hired and started soon.

Caps and shirts.

Gifts thank yous.

29:52 - Jeremy Masker Interview

Ben - "Masker? ... I just met her"

Director of Game Operations

Q1 - 30:40 - Icould-Spacemaster - What does the director of Game Operations do exactly?

A - Originally at Blizzard in a production role. Similar but more technical focus. Making sure the team working on server architecture has what they need.

Q2 - 32:00 - Nostromo1977 - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics used for Star Citizen Dev

A - No KPIs, yet. Eventually will get there. Do have metrics and graphics. Memory allocations on blades. Logins. Services up, crashes.

Q3- 33:40 - Durden - Can you comment on how dynamic battle instances will work? If a battle instance becomes too full will the instance be split into two adjacent instances which players can traverse between invisibly?

A - Current plan. If flying around in space, you are on a server. Going to try to subdivide load when it gets full. Geographically is one possibility. (A lot of maybes here.) Might be more efficient to subdivide in a different way.

Q4 - 35:54 - Starry Knight - What do you consider the biggest bottleneck to system performance for the PU?

A - Client side rendering.

Q5 - 37:35 - Yellow Stag - How do you think Star Citizen hold up down the road?

A - Very different than other MMOs. Cloud based dynamic platform. Next iteration of seamless distributed game. Player congregation is going to be one of the biggest challenges, design so people don't congregate in places.

40:48 - Outro

1.1.0 to be finished with Testing and out to backers SOON(TM)

Banner stolen at PAX East

Subscriber flair released tomorrow

Free Fly week, all ships!

Inside CIG with Pedro Camacho

41:45 - Sneak Peek

Note: Apologies getting this up a little late. A bit of intereference from real life.

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