Around the Verse Episode 34


(Citizen Star News) - By Citizen Ed - 2015-03-05

Let's go Cutlass it up!

Empire Report

Charon III Civil War, Is it time for the Navy to step in?

Should consumer ships be allowed to carry military grade weapons?

Citizen Day Celebrations

Thank you StarCitizenNewsRadio for making the Empire Report video available!

0:57 - Intro/News

Freefly week for the Cutlass is almost over.

Prospector Badge for Mini Game

"Weekly Rundown" added to the regular COMM-LINK schedule for Saturdays.

1:47 - News from Around the Verse

Santa Monica

P52 Merlin being worked on. One of the earliest designs. Updating the look of the ship. Reworking docking. Part of the Constellation revamp.

Standardization of weapons and weapon mounts. Physical size. Some ships need to be redesigned. 11 Sizes.

Starting with weapons but will be doing this to all components.

Vanguard - great ship working on. Moved from concept sketch to concept model. Variants... first one to arrive at a battle scene.

More they can't get into, far too much get into for the brief time.


Props - Giant Radar prop for spacestations.

Bartender - Off to skinning and weighting. See him serving drinks in the social module.

PAX East - all hands on deck.


Alien Languages - Hearing it around the office these days. Often worried David Ladyman is choking on something.

Foundry 42 UK

DataForge - Tools, xml files (CryEngine's preferred method of storing data), complexity can be quite a challenge. New format being worked out to be able to store data more efficiently. XML soon to be a thing of the past?

Illfonic - Denver

Unlock armor and weapons, progression in the FPS

Leaderboards. REC.

15:08 - MVP

Star Citizen Ship Viewer - Android App

Shout out to Org: Vacuum Musicians

15:56 - Interview with Justin Binford QA Manager

One of the hardest working guys around. "Badass" QA Team. Discussions on the unique challenges of Star Citizen.

23:59 - Sandi's Flight School

Breaking Bad themed Juice Party? Okay...

Working with Zane Bien -- Radar and Targeting.

30:36 - Outro

1.1 very soon. Brochure new ships to play with.

PAX East coming up. No live stream. But COMM-LINKS. Logitech booth.

Monthly Report. Design piece on weapon mount revamp.

32:14 - Sneak Peek

Mobiglas units.

Thank you StarCitizenNewsRadio for making the sneak peak video available!

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