Around the Verse Episode 26


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-08 - Sandi Gardiner and Travis Day host. A big thank you out to the devs who've been working to get 1.0 stable!

1.0 is something they are pretty happy about, in spite the problems. New Website. New promo videos, Mustang Commercial, New Imagine Video.

Merch: New Mustang Mousepad. Dog tags. New SQ42 t-shirt.

2015 Event list, coming up:

  • PU Town Hall January 23rd
  • CR Talk at DICE
  • Pax East Event

News From Around the Verse


Existing ship damage and missile trails have improved VFX. Help identifiying differences visually.

Stabilizing Match Making and Lobby.


Ship landing (polish continues)

Proof of Concept Conversation system ongoing


Lore fill out

Mission Manager is being skinned.

French font issues have been fixed

Odyssa and Mariana landing zones

Relay system - Drone communication relay system


Hornet ejection system being fixes

Multiple Vanduul ships have entered gray boxing phase

Starfarer continues

Hull C in concept


New weapons selection interface

Battle arena, "tag" mode, recreational, nobody dies.

Speed scale for "fast-crawling" has been added.

Bug Smashers

Shield absorption was not being calculated correctly. Leading to OP missiles. Fixes inbound!


Baior Of Red - No Missile Matches hosted by Baior and Tazius!

Interview w/ with Patrick Salerno

Q1- 21:18 - Starry Night - How interchangeable will ship parts be? I imagine upgrades will be a balancing act between power, handling, and heat dissipation.

A - Size is his area, making sure they fit into the designated space. Balance is elsewhere.

Q2 - 22:56 - Daz - When it comes to poly count how much is too much? With assets like the Shubin mining base can you let us know how you avoid bad frame rate or long load times as we "warp" into its location.

A - CryEngine is actually better for high polycounts. Loves polygons. Eats polygons. Occlusion Culling, block things you can't see. Level Of Detail, lower poly models depending on distance.

Q3 - 25:34 - ConfusedMonkeh - Can you outline the plans for damage states on the really huge ships like the Bengal or Kingship? Just how many pieces of pieces of these ships will the servers and our PC's be able to handle?

A - Generally 3 or 4 damage states. 25% - 75% - 50% - 100%. Bigger ships have interior damage states. Not fully developed yet. Some dude making a sandwich get sucked out into space?

Q4 - 27:58 - Briglight - What has been the hardest part in development so far?

A - Bridging the gap between art and design. How to take the assets and bring them into the game and making them functional.

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