Around the Verse Episode 25


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-18 - In the last episode of the year (before going on holiday hiatus).

Gladiator is in the Hangar. Ship stats updates. $5 dollar tiny-t sales on going. Saved a Wing Commander Movie Prop (a  wall from a starship).

Live stream tomorrow!

News From Around the Verse

Arena Commander

  • 1.0 is the big push.
  • Blood splatter inside the helmet is being worked on.
  • New missile and signature system has been completed. Stealth (and detection) systems - Hornet Tracker and Ghost.
  • Cinematic camera modes nearing completion.


  • AI "defense command"
  • Conversation system is in prototype


  • NPC and Player medics
  • Asteroid modelling and texturing continues RD (mining mechanic)
  • ArcCorp Bartender being revised (non-cargo pants options)


  • Cutlass thrusters fixing
  • Avenger damage states
  • Initially cutlass and avenger are going to be very basic. Re-scripting phase in UK to increase modularity.
  • Alpha and Gamma Mustangs almost finished


  • Animation of Mag Boots
  • Helmet visibility, ability to attach lights
  • Muzzle flash VFX
  • Weapons

Inside CIG

Darian and Travis on "Crunch Time" w/ cupcakes ... and fruitloops ... and snackpacks...and...

Worth a watch but hard to summarize. Except to say: "Milestone ahead! Work hard loyal minions!"


Mister Cumbustable - Praise the 3d Printed Space Crab


Bug Smashers

Mark Abent... I thought you were dead? Weapons fire control bug.

Customer Service

Gifts! And closed for the holidays, till Jan 5th.

Interview w/ Brandon Evans

Q1 - Livebynight - 25:53 - Is it very complex to program the different displays for each ship, or are systems being implemented to standardize and streamline the process?

A - Pretty straightforward. Everything is a "dock" item. So each can be displayed different on different ships, or moved around. (Sounds a bit like MVC programming were each is a view and/or controller and the model stays the same. -Ed.)

Q2 - Flin Nefario - 26:38 - How does it increase the complexity of programming the UI to have mulitcrew ship "seats" where various UI controls are distributed and controlled across multiple screens with security access levels and in very different parts of the ship? Have you developed special tools or skills that are unique to Star Citizen to deal with these challenges?

A - Yeah, multi-crew is going to be the most difficult. Early mockups have been interesting. A challenge to have your display following you around if you change seats. Network Optimization is a concern, how to give you the data without sending all of it over the network. Much left to figure out.

Q3 - RisingDeath - 28:03 - Can you explain a bit how the UI gets from design to functional in-game? Who decides to make it "wobble" on impact, who implements the "booting" animations when spawned? Are you testing it just on static screens or are you developing for Occulus Rift from start on?

A - Shout out to Behavior for writing the platform on which the UI runs. 2d concept in illustrator. When approved break down into "Flash" objects. Then actually implemented. 1.0 should see a specialized HUD in the Aurora. Diagenic displays.

Q4 - Lord of Garnix - 31:15 - How close are the existing UI to how you expect the UI's to be in the final game?

A - Different manufacturers to do. Additional functionality planned. Long way to go and it will be much improved.

Q5 - .83 Magnum - 31:56 - What has been the most challenging function or information to implement into the UI so far?

A - Hardest thing done... missile organization system. Many different types with signatures. Mark had to help interface with the different types.

Coming Up

Surprise next week. Content on the website all through the week. No ATV or RTV but a surprise video will be released. Next AtV on January 8th.

Sneak Peek

Interesting Vandual boarding ship designs? (Or is this the Tevarin based Prowler?) Somebody over there is really inspired by the Magog of TV's Andromeda.




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