Around the Verse Episode 22


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-27 - A special Thanksgiving episode, and the Star Citizen team and community have a lot to be thankful for. Ben and Alex are cooking and anybody... wait ... nobody is welcome to join in.

News From Around the Verse

Arena Commander

Dynamic Counter Measures camera being worked on, one of the Cinematic cameras, missile camera, tailview

Vanduul swarm being rebalanced, new threats, improved AI

Squadron 42

Mission 10 is entering White boxing.

Conversation System, prototyping

Inventory weapon wheel spec


Medical props and relay Station have entered concept phase.

Design for Character in the Nyx system has started.

Bartender in the ArcCorp Bar


Avenger damage states have been designed

Vanduul Blade & Cleaver greyboxing

890 Jump, 85x reclaimer and Herald models have been moved into engine.


VFX for laser weapons

Props microwave kitchen sink and boxing dummy

Burst Canon Animation

All types of guns should seem different.

Carack Preview

Omar Aweidah and Gurmukh Bhasin talking about the Carrack we see on the screen

Inspiration was the Prometheus

Exploring, finding Jump points.

Pilot view, unobstructed view a central design tenant. Garage door shield that comes down in combat.

Nose, large antennae array (asymmetric)

Launching pad for drones.... and launch

Wing Antennae help center you as you enter the jump point.

Bottom is modular, pods, science station/fuel tanks, medical "bay"/more cargo

Scientific rover

Kicked the beds off the bridge (seen on some of the earlier designs.

Bug Smashers

A look at countermeasures. Chaff prevents you from detecting things past it, breaking up silhouette/crossection confusing incoming missiles.


HardyHero - StarCards org edition

Interview with Concept Artist Omar Aweidah

Intern at Blur studio, previously worked on Halo Master Chief collection cinematics

Q1 - Glastopia - 24:08 - If given the chance to concept and design of any class or type, what class of ship would you want?

A - Would definitely want to do a racer, obsessed with racers. Formula + nature. Something quick. Recumbent? Bobsled? Get crazy with racing ships.

Q2 - So Much Mass - 26:05 - Other than the Carrack interior, are you working on any other projects at CIG? Are some of them non ship related?

A - Yes, just finished some shield generators. Russian nesting doll style modules. Build upon small things reused art assets building on top of. Building weapons for ship.

Q3 - Primal - 27:38 - The Carrack has one of the best interiors I have seen so far. What was the thought process behind the ship's interior layout, and how do you see crews functioning with the two tier cockpit design?

A - Started working on it with David Hobbins. Drew from Prometheus, Avatar but also wanted something different. Focused on that double decker, "wanted the stars to take you, once you get out on that deck" A couple of ships in development may share that design. 2 crew stations on the bottom, 1 and a half on the top. Giant monitor on the back wall. Gather around mapping table and see what's going on. Allow the crew to work together to as team.

Q4 - Wolfman - 31:24 - What was the biggest inspiration for the Carrack inside and out? What would you say make it special?

A - The Prometheus ship. And "what is Anvil" Wanted to define Anvil's shape language.

Q5 - Ukara - 32:50 - If you could build your own variant of the Carrack what would you like to have there?

A - A couple of thoughts:

More engines, make it a giant racing. Fastest in the Verse.

Then thought about... sith like flying prison. Turn it into a prison battlestar.

Eco system - Biodomes

Coming Soon

Tomorrow Concept Sale: Carrack

Javelin Destroyer - four lots of 50 each

$20 special destroyer buyers are financing $20 Aurora packages a chance for people to get into the game.

Sneak Peak

Carrack Rocks!

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