Around the Verse Episode 16


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-02 - Ben and Sandi host this episode.

Citizen Con coming up. Videos being edited. Something they can't talk about. Swag bags.

PAX AUS tickets still available.

People are receiving constellation models. Any broken or missing models will be worked out. Just contact support.

Patch 13.1 is out!

News from around the Verse


Plans for Phase 2 of the leaderboards New functionality, New modes, New Data

Controls and targeting are receiving improvements. Joystick deadzones

Visor hood holo panel is being optimizedoptimized.


Zero G

Shubin greybox balanced and polished

Looting prototypes Paw?

Concepts for drone props



Tarps for Cargo


Carrack concept continues

Two Mustang variants are model complete

Flying soon!

Animation for Mustang Omega has been completed.

Writers Corner

David and William.

Mechanical stuff working on the nitty-gritty of the player experience in the PU.

Balancing the "grand epic" stories and smaller personal stories

Commercial scripts.

Gratz to William on the Galactic Gear commercial

100th Spectrum Dispatch

Capture a wide variety of perspectives.

Star Watch not popular. Call for silent Star Watch fans.

Lore builder so much fun for them. Working with the community, that has such imagination.


Chamwow. Fictional Trademark infringement of Omega Corp

Bug Smashers

Teleportation, IFCS

Not entirely sure why things are teleporting but okay. During Jump Points?

Interview & Forum Feedback

Elwin Bachiller from Skyguard, recently hired to CIG.

Q1 - 24:10 - Sirphasm - First of all, your skills & ideas truly impressed me, I thought right away "this guy should work for them (CIG)". Glad I was not the only one thinking that. Now that you're on board, what are you working on? And what do you wish you'd work on?

A: Can't tell you exactly what working on right now. Putting finishing touches on one of the variants. Redone the turret for constellation, Engines for the M50, some paneling.

Q2 - 25:44 - BlackJack21 - What (if any) science fiction artists have inspired your work. And has that influenced any of the work you have done in SC.

A: Yes. Karanak of Team Troika, before the competed in TNGS. Hobbins. Todd Lockwood, way he works with colors.

Q3 - 27:38 - Mr Bump - What has been the biggest change for you since going from a fan and a backer entering TNGS, to working for CIG?

A: Moving to Santa Monica. Went from wanting stuff fast, to wanting to slow it down so things aren't going so fast. Now has a bigger appreciation for how complicated and how much work each one of these ships really are.

Q4 - 30:49 - AngelusRex - What alien race ships would you find an interesting in modeling?

Can't say any (ship) names. But Xi'an are really fascinating. And really wants to work on the 890 Jump (bonus answer).

Thanks the fans for the support throughout the TNGS competition.

Sneak Peak

Sexy sexy boxes... and an Idris! UEE Banshee looking good.

Next Week

No ATV next week due to Citizen Con

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