Around the Verse Episode 14


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-18 - Sandi hosting, trying rotating single host. Ben, James and others will take a show and run with it. Trying to lower how much company time dedicated to each show?

Recapping v0.9, M50 Commercial, v0.9 Pilot's Guide

53 Million.

Locker from another universe easter egg

CitizenCon sold out. OCT 10th. Looking forward to that.

News from Around the Verse

Arena Commander

Kicking off push to 1.0

13.1 Customizing

Breathing Manager


Custom SC Hotas 12 months


Landing system

Shubin refinery, landing and gantry area


Terra Landing Zone.


AI Roadmap for the PU

Persistent Universe

Live Demo for the PU underway. Hear more soon!


Final Mustang Variant

Avenger Variants

Carrack Concept


Darken - Trader's Guide

And Will urges us to Support the Lego Hornet!


Part 1 - Interview with QA Team at Foundry 42

Challenges of Multi-Player bug chasing, sometimes have to try to reproduce bugs caused by the interaction of multiple players and precise sequences of events.

Walking on Peoples' ships in multiplayer

Part 2 - Mark Abent - Tracking down and killing a Crash in editor, turns out to be JJ Abrams fault. Custom lens flares causing crashes.


Gurmukh Bhasin, Concept Artist

Q1 - 17:25 - Mongrel One - What do you consider your personal art style? And how do you try to incorporate it into your concept work?

A: Simple clean, less is more. Background in architecture. Not into extra "greeble". Hard surface and environmental artist.

Q2 - 19:21 - Azreal Domonov - How did you start your career as a concept artist and how did you come to work at CIG?

A: Started in architecture but a friend introduced him to concept artist in 2010. Worked full time while building a portfolio. Met David Hobbins at a conference. Ended up as a mentorship and bringing in to CIG

Q3 - 21:36 - Cyrops - As someone who has a ton of concept ideas myself, what is your inspiration? And can you sleep at night while working on a concept for a ship?

A: Best inspiration comes from life, travel, India, Europe. Skateboarder. Soccer. Image references. 

Q4 - 23:02 - Roger Wilceaux - Do you have any advice for TNGS or modding teams when it comes to seeking a concept artist for free or in contingency?

A: New in their career or in college. Might be interested in joining a group project. Show them that the hard work they are going to put in will pay off with the work you are going to put in. A lot of concept artist would be interested in seeing their work translated into 3d, if they've not already had that experience.

Q5 - 24:22 - AlmightyJoygasm - How much does the ship you've imagined change by the time it reaches the end of the pipeline, after factoring in other design or balancing requirements and input from other colleagues? Have any of your 'dream' ships still managed to hold up to your dream by the end of the process?

A: Great Question Here at CIG great pipeline. He designs in Maya. Which is interesting as many concept art is 2d. Changes that need to be made sometimes but have not been disappointing yet. Mentioned working on the Constellation Phoenix.

Video - Work on a special skin for the Mustang. Around the Verse livery!

Contest - Dream mustang commercial

1400 tickets for Halloween inspired BBQ in AUS.

Sale ends on Monday for M50 or 350R ships.

Sneak Peak 28:50 - Interesting looking interiors. Don't look human design? Banu? Or a station?

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