Around the Verse Episode 07


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-24 - Sandi (in a lazer cat dress) hosts from "Wingman's Hangar" Austin, TX.

Guest host, Mark Skelton is donating the gold shirt to Julee Cruz' charity! Biggest donator gets the shirt!

News from Around the Verse

Nice new logo from Pleasure (who made the Wingman's Hangar logo) for Ten for the Chair

Getting ready for big Gamescom event with secret reveal.

Rubber Band is issue responding to treatment; Patch 12.5 hopefully out of NICU soon.

New Horizon game mode to be revealed soon.

XiAn cargo ship "big sucker" under concept work.

Persistent Universe GDD (Game Design Document) 2.0 being completed.

Volumetric cloud work.

First five systems in the PU.

Hangar VFX

Grey Boxing continues in the UK, Gladiator, Javelin, Panther, Retaliator, and Gladius

Concept work for the 890 finished (not that you've seen that anywhere).

Anvil Carrack, Variants of Mustang concept work.

Animation is working on M50 Constellation and Super Hornet. Sandi did some MoCap for Constellation ramps (which are new, the current Connie has no ramps).


Zulu - Updated Ship sizes

Bug Smashers

Hornet top guns not firing. Ammo pipes! Always check the pipes. And the pools. Interesting failure on the abstraction layer.

Interview - Rob Irving

A busy man, freshly shorn, has finally donated his hair to "Locks of Love". Lead Designer

Q: Gamewiz - What is your current primary project? What has been the most challenging aspect of your job?

Managing the designers in Austin and coordinate with other studios. Running the design for the Persistent Universe.

Q: Cloud kicker - For the earth cities, will you be able to recognize the historic architecture? Would like to be able to recognize Greenwich Village.

You'll see somethings you'll recognize.

Q: Daniel - If you own a Freelancer or some other ship that doesn't have cargo well secured. Can you die?

Can't say that's something they've spent a lot of time on. Working on cargo and walking around in ships first. Not sure how this would work. Much joking on this one.

Q: William George - Current implementation of afterburners... increase max speed and then slow down when turned off... how to justify.

Game design issue. Ship tries to slow you down to "proper manuevering speeds"

Q: Amantillado - Max Crew, what does it mean?

Most efficient number of crew. Active seats.

Dev Dogfight

New segment

Chad Zamzowl vs Bandon Evans

Who wins? To be continued...

Segment was a little rough, but since there is a lot of talk of focusing on esports... it's good to see CIG taking the lead here.  Hope to see much more.

Wrap Up

Planetside Inside CIG tomorrow

Sneak peak at the updated Business Hangar...

Wackiest QA bugs

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