Around the Verse - Episode 06


(Citizen Star News/Crusty Collins) - 2014-07-17 - Another packed episode of Around the Verse aired today. This week Sandi finally explained what EVA is or is going to be - a virtual assistant in the new online store (probably coming with the 3D ship viewer update). Besides revealing new merchandise, giving us another sneak peek and interviewing Calix Reneau (the tech designer & singer/songwriter from two weeks ago), the show featured a new episode of the very popular 'Bug Smashers'.

Starting off the show, it was revealed that Sandi is going to be EVA, the virtual shop assistant at the new online store, for which she did motion capturing. There was a mention of the recent Persistant Universe Summit where Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec sat down with team leads and mapped out the future development of the final form of SC. Chelsea & Alexis showed off new apparel, an Anvil Aerospace T-shirt and the eagerly awaited 'Arena Commander' one. Both in-store from tomorrow. Chelsea also let us know that a cross-chassis upgrade for the Gladius will be available as soon as the fighter is playable in AC.

Patch 12.5 should be available soon, they are quite happy with the progress in spite the delays. The "Reverse the Verse" after show did reveal, however, that hopes are dwindling of getting it out this week. Early next week is looking more likely. Rubber banding should be diminished or eliminated, the Jukebox should be available for subscribers, and Arena Commander balancing is ongoing.

In other news: Lobby complete, that team moving on to the ship component system. The Idris bridge is finished, as well as the concept for the Origin 890 Jump, which now moves on to white-boxing. F8 Lightning work is ongoing. Work is already being done on hangar animations of the Gladius (the character entering the ship, taking seat in the cockpit, etc.) and artists in Austin are working on nice nebula effects. Meanwhile in Manchester, the team is working on the manual landing prototype and grey-boxing continues on the Javelin, Panther, Gladiator and Retaliator.  Damage and collisions are being completed for constellation and m50s. CGBot is near done on their work on the Constellation variants. Vanduul bomber and collector ship concepts are complete.

Revamp of all hangars are underway. (Asteroid Hangar seems complete and is only waiting to be released as part of Patch 13.)

This week's MVP went to 'Paladonic' and their '100 ways to die in space' post. And Sandi was devasted about having missed out on a dog tag.

Tech artist Matt Intrieri (Santa Monica) explained how he programmed a tool to make it easier for colleagues to access the model hierarchy of a ship, including its LODs, effects, damage states, etc.

This week's interview was with Calix Reneau, which some may remember from two weeks ago as a singing tech designer. Thanks to questions from the community he shone some light on the differences between white-boxing and grey-boxing, as well as how the damage states of capital ships differ. In addition he talked about the Aurora's damage states being a pain in the neck.

Finally, there was another episode of the very popular 'Bug Smashers' segment, which looked at the unusual bug of a freshly-spawned player's character standing up in the cockpit and looking at the ceiling during multiplayer matches.

Next week Sandi is going to do the show in Austin, where she is going to be joined by Rob Irving for an interview.

Oh, and yes, there was  a sneak peek - of the landing gear of a big ship. What do you think it is? And who or what is stalking Sandi?

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