Around the Verse Ep 01


Updated - 2014-06-12: Added link to MVP - Leon_300's [GUIDE] Arena Commander Directory/Tips & Tricks/General Help

(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-11 - Dammit James, you had one job...

Premier episode of the new community show, Around the Verse. Weighing in at a meaty 40 minutes, longer than most Wing Man's Hangars. This week hosted in Santa Monica.

A few highlights

A discussion of why the change, Wingman being really important to the Austin Management and production process and it was getting harder and harder to do both jobs. What we can expect from the future.

Helmet cam through Santa Monica office

A piece on the logo submissions, and which ones they'll be using (yes plural).

Status updates on the Freelancer and the Dog Fighting Modules.

Gamescom party planning.

Australia event upcoming.

Arena Commander T-Shirts are almost ready.

Support Questions

This month's Hangar Flare. Freelencer MIS Model, case and shipping box.


Leon_300 - [GUIDE] Arena Commander Directory/Tips & Tricks/General Help


Travis Day, Producer

All of his parents and step parents worked in the game industry? Wow that's an interesting family.

Peer review before code check in. Build process takes 3 hours and copying to CDN is about 2 hours. Half hour for the CDN to propagate.

Travis seems quite excited to get to the boarding features.

Ranking and earning ship upgrades in Arena Commander, thoughts on how it might be.

Point values for scoring and team make up in Arena matchmaking.

Forum Feedback

Reddit Summary - thanks to Redditor Shadow703793

Fan Spotlight

James Pugh interviews Jared Huckabee, aka Disco Lando! Lando present in the Santa Monica studio! Great interview!

Mission Accomplished

Great Job Guys! Not Wingman's Hangar (nor should it be), but really enjoyable. There was room for improvement, but I am sure things will get smoother and better as time goes on.

David Hobbins featured next week.