Around the Verse and More - What's coming up for Star Citizen Shows


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-05-16 - Now that we've heard that Wingman's Hangar is being phased out, the natural question is what is going to replace it?

The answer is not one, but two shows:

  • Wednesday - Tentatively titled "Around the Verse"
  • Friday - Inside CIG

This split should allow them to pursue more directions with their programming. There has been a call for more professional presentations with meatier information, "less fluff more stuff". At the same time some elements of the community miss the humorous and irreverent rebel broadcasting style of the earlier Wingman's Hangar shows. It was seemingly impossible to move in both directions at once, and the old show seemed to suffer by trying. But once again, CIG accepts the challenge and attempts to find a way.

Around the Verse

This Wednesday show will be a community focused show very much in the spirit of Wingman's Hangar, but instead of being Austin based will rotate through the three main studios: Santa Monica, Austin, and Manchester. Perhaps others as the company grows. Hosted by Ben and Sandi at first, but with rotating hosts as it moves around. Eric "Wingman" Peterson will likely return for at least some of the Austin segments. Erin Roberts has been listed as the likely host for Foundry 42 in Manchester, but there is also a search going on for a Community Manager to be based there. Ali and Chelsea from support/community team are likely to make an appearance as well.

Ben has indicated that there may be a return of more community videos and community involvement.

Inside CIG

The pieces that we often saw in the Wingman's Hangar, studio reports and whatnot, are being broken out to become the core of a slicker, professional presentation style, show -- reporting on what is going on with CIG and the development of Star Citizen. Ben has mentioned it won't be devoid of humor and will retain the signature CIG style we all know and love, but it looks like here is where they will develop shows and content beyond what we've seen so far. RSI Museum has been mentioned as possible content for Friday as well.

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