Arena Commander V.8 Daily Bug Update - June 2, 2014


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-02 - A very short update today:

Greetings Citizens,

We’re almost there! A weekend of hard testing revealed several blockers in the current Release Candidate. The team has worked to resolve these today, and believe we have a good build now. Our internal QA group will be testing it overnight tonight, with our next “go/no-go” meeting scheduled for early tomorrow morning. The good news is that we’re closer than ever, and our efforts over the weekend had the team resolving issues on the fly as they were found by QA.

We will update you tomorrow morning (US time) on the results of the go/no-go meeting.

Source - COMM-LINK - Arena Commander V.8 Daily Bug Update - June 2, 2014


Another couple of blockers reared their ugly heads but were eliminated. Heard about them in RSI - General Chat from Travis on Sunday. CIG continues to home in on a stable releasable build. The Monday morning Go/No Go meeting was rescheduled to 1:30 pm Pacific time, probably to give a bit more time to QA issues, but it appears that there was still a bit left to go before they can release. They say they think they have a stable build, but would suspect that it needs more testing to be sure.

We could have a release any day now, and the Star Citizen community awaits with baited breath.