Arena Commander v1.1 Impromptu Q & A Captured


(Citizen Star News) - 2015-02-28 - Thanks to /u/MrHerpDurp for capturing this chat conversation with CIG Technical DesignerMatt Sherman (the Dev who discussed ship balance in Around the Verse Ep 33). Also thanks to /u/H3ssian who transcribed the chat screen shots.

We can see that there are some very significant balance changes and bugfixes going into this impending next major release. Fixing weapon mounts to prevent oversized weapons from being placed there being a major one:

  • 1: CIG Matt Sherman, The Monoboat super hornet loadout is pretty much going away in 1.1 All the longstanding mount/size issues are getting cleaned up, so possible guns are going to actually start reflecting the ship specs more.

  • 2:CIG Matt Sherman, REC is happening in 1.1, but we haven't confirmed a set release for when melting VD items could be possible since that system is still in the works.

  • 3:CIG Matt Sherman, @Stoic: Mount points on ships are getting cleaned up because currently, mounts are letting people equip larger guns than intended to different hard-points. The biggest change is going to be a ships loadout will more accurately reflect the size-limits noted on the ships-specs.No more loading s2 weapons on a s1 Canard and the likes.

  • 4: Question. So no class 2a or 2b size 2 gimbal mounts that can mount size three weapons? Cig Matt Sherman: Those mounts should all be removed in 1.1 and replaced

  • 5: CIG Matt Sherman: Not sure on the power-plant output overall, but a blue would have more hull armor/health than a SH

  • 6: CIG Matt Sherman: Cutlass will also likely be alot more nimble/maneuverable than a Lanver in the grand-scheme

  • 7: CIG Matt Sherman: There's going to be optimization at some point, but the game is still going to be very resource intensive

  • 8: CIG Matt Sherman: Physical sizes are been redone abit, so it should clean itself up overtime.

  • 9: CIG Matt Sherman: That, and we don't have any s4 guns in-game atm, so it's bit a big issue "Other stuff said but not worth while doing the trans"

  • 10: Covered in earlier points

  • 11: Question: And I guess replacements will be available for REC? or is that not yet Known. CIG Matt Sherman: No, the ships all were updated so they'll be coming with the updated mounts where needed

  • 12: CIG Matt Sherman: Super Hornet shield can match a Cutlass Black or Red, Cutlass Blue has a more powerful max shield

  • 13: CIG Matt Sherman: M50 is overpowered atm because of mount issues, but that gets cleaned up in 1.1, The current mount issues let you load bigger guns on the M50 than intended, along with most other ships. The Health is getting worked on for the M50, but it still wasn;t supposed to mount S3's with the current mount issues.

  • 14: CIG Matt Sherman: Bigger mounts won't be available until we have bigger guns and ships setup to run them.

  • 15: CIG Matt Sherman: Cutlass turret is being fixed in 1.1 /Expect mounts/loadout restrictions to match the ship-specs page / The Turret was supposed to be a S2's not S4's

  • 16: CIG Matt Sherman: There's no S4 gun atm, so it's moot that a few ships have hardpoints for them, Part of why we're getting the mounts fixed sooner than later so we're in a better place to add bigger guns as multi-crew stuff comes online

  • 17: CIG Matt Sherman: Nope, if anything , the Turret was only spec'd for S1's though we're keeping it as S2 in 1.1 and will probably be adjusting the page if it feels right. Cutlass turret that is

  • 18: CIG Matt Sherman: 350 will be a stronger interceptor just weighed against the M50 in 1.1 just on the mount/loadout changes

  • 19: CIG Matt Sherman: 350 could out run an Avenger, but if the Avenger gets steady fire on the 350, the Tigerstreik will wreck it, plus the Avenger has some cargo capacity, so if it was like a bounty-hunt, you could take the guy alive.

  • 20: CIG Matt Sherman: Sure it's an 'if' as much as a 350 taking out an Avenger without getting damaged by it is an 'if" "Bit hard to guess what was said before hand in this one"

  • 21: CIG Matt Sherman: Plus, Avenger comes with missiles stock.

  • 22: CIG Matt Sherman: The Avenger has more kill-force, 350R has more speed. No one ship should have it all at once.

  • 23: CIG Matt Sherman: Sizes are remaining the same, but there's afew other things that will be coming into play that are being held off from discussion until we're closer to 1.1

  • 24: CIG Matt Sherman: Ya, Sledges were boosted, though there;s a few issues with them atm that are getting cleaned up.

  • 25: CIG Matt Sherman: SH is probably getting the biggest nerf when we fix mounts

  • 26: CIG Matt Sherman: There's going to still be something using the rail ammo for sure, though there;s a chance the Sledge may get a bigger rework, and a better dedicated railgun visual weapon gets the rail ammo.

  • 27: CIG Matt Sherman: But the damage isn't slated to get changed in 1.1

  • 28: CIG Matt Sherman: SH still has 6 guns, just not 6xS3 being usable anymore.

  • 29: CIG Matt Sherman: Covered in other msgs

  • 29: CIG Matt Sherman: Not just SH mounts, but every mount is getting revised

  • 30: CIG Matt Sherman: Question: Superhornet not doing that great in ac on higher pilot skill chart. CIG Matt Sherman: That doesn't change the fact that the mounts aren't correct in the current game and need to be fixed

  • 31: Question: But you said nerf. CIG Matt Sherman: No ship should have been breaking its size-limit weapon wise which the current mounts were causing. it is a nerf from what people are used to.

  • 32: CIG Matt Sherman: Ya, the handling on the Cutlass is also intended as kind of a pilot0skill check. Some of the speeds may be a little fast, but there;s always going to be some aspect of 'Oversteer' as it were with the turning and rolling.

  • 33: CIG Matt Sherman: But the trade off on that is the Cutlass has the fastest boost/maneuvering in game currently

  • 34: CIG Matt Sherman: Counter0boosting out of the roll is also part of the plan thought, but it shouldn't take alot to kill the roll, Like I normally boost into a spin, but just have to tap-boost to kill the spin

  • 35: CIG Matt Sherman: And it helps with missile evasion, without countermeasures because it's a fast enough spin to actually let you dodge the missile outright.

  • 36: CIG Matt Sherman: It takes a bit of getting ised to, I spend about 2 weeks when we were getting that handling setup, and it still took a bit longer after it went live to get the hand on boost0ecades from missiles

  • 37: CIG Matt Sherman: about 1.1 and ships, Health is getting boosted, mounts are getting fixed to prevent mounting large than intended guns.

  • 38: Question: When are you making it so nerds can;t mess with their user inventory file and become hilariously overpowered? CIG Matt Sherman: That's more a long-term thing onces the PU is running where the server would do oversight on those things

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