Arena Commander Launched!


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-06-04 - In the dark hours of the night, after a difficult process and several delays... the Star Citizen Dog Fighting Module, now dubbed Arena Commander, launched.

You can get it here, or through your existing Star Citizen Launcher. Alpha access through previous pledge required or Arena Commander Pass required.

Version 0.8 is either pre-Alpha or Alpha (depending on who you ask) of a portion of the Star Citizen game. Expect it to be a little rough and there will be bugs (already a long list of known issues in the release notes).

UPDATE: See also RSI Forums - Arena Commander Reported Issue Workarounds FAQ

A heartfelt message, with a glimpse of the future, from founder Chris Roberts accompanies this launch:

I hope you all enjoy Arena Commander V0.8. I’m very proud of what the team has achieved with all of their hard work. Despite being pre-alpha and a build that’s earlier than anything I’ve ever shared with the public before, I think it looks spectacular and that it’s a great foundation to build on. There will be many updates over the coming months adding features and content — We’re going to be adding in all the ships you pledged for… and plenty you haven’t seen yet. There will be new game modes, environments and equipment. We’re going to work on performance, stability and improve the technology: the loading screens you see today won’t be present in the finished game!

For now, though, enjoy your first taste of space combat in Star Citizen’s developing world; I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Together we will follow our collective dream: to build the BDSSE!

— Chris Roberts

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