Arena Commander - Capture the Core Guide


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-20 -  Adding a Capture the Core guide from one of our favorite Guide Authors, Mercenary Thorrn!

Mercenary Thorrn applies his in depth analytic approach and informal style to the Capture the Core mode of Arena Commander. Learn how to be a valuable member of your team!

Our favorite guide author mentioned on his live stream channel, that he has been holding off on guides lately since next release will change so many things, but thought that Capture the Core, with an emphasis on rules and basic strategies might stand well for a while.

Worth noting: Patch 13, due out on or soon after Aug 27th, aka Arena Commander V0.9's should bring us increased speed for all ships and the prospect of the racers as runners which should have a big impact on this game mode.

And always remember, the enemy's gate is down!

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