Another of our favorite shows cancelled - Wingman's Hanger


Update: Comment from Eric Peterson about the reasons for shutting down the show.

Update: Comment from Ben Lesnick about the new replacement show.

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Today Eric "Wingman" Peterson announced that there would be only three more episodes of Wingman's Hangar. The show will be replaced by other content released out of the LA/Santa Monica studio.

Eric had previously hinted at WMH coming to an end. With development getting into full swing and the staff increasing, presumably this was getting difficult to balance with his other jobs as Head of CIG's Austin Studio and President of Production.

All in all this points to CIG getting serious about getting down to the business of releasing a product.

Wingman's Hangar will be missed, but hopefully never forgotten. Its spirit will carry us into the 30th century.

See you in the 'Verse!

Update: Comment from Eric Peterson explaining the reasons for shutting down the show:

Hey gang,

Been stuck in meetings all day and just got around to seeing all the hoopla over the show going away and wanted to address it for clarity.

Essentially, as the project has grown, and the team has gotten bigger, it has become increasingly more difficult each and every week to find time to put together a proper show. What started out as a couple of guys in a room grew into something much larger, and taking more and more of my time each week.

It was never intended to be a weekly thing anyway - but typical CR, he saw that it was something fun that folks liked and put the pedal to the metal to make it weekly, and off it went.

The idea has always been to consolidate it around our community team which is in Los Angeles and run by Ben Lesnick - once he moved out to LA it grew even harder to coordinate and took more and more of my time.

I was hired to help make the BDSSE, and as the studios have grown - all of them - my responsibilities have as well - so the show moving to the community team just made sense at this time, as I need to concentrate on the most important thing - making the game - and making sure we get a great space adventure out to everyone.

So, while I have LOVED making the show, am proud of it, I am also very excited to get some hours back to focus on my true love, game development.

Not to mention we have people all over the world making this game, and we need to hear from them too - so the new show is going to become more about the entire team all over the world, and it is moving to the core of the company in LA where Chris is head down making it happen.

I will still be jumping in from time to time as my job allows - I just don't have the time anymore to do a weekly show.

I am sincerely touched by all the outpouring here - and honored to be working on this game with this amazing team - so while the Hangar show may be ending, it will not be the last you see of me,

See you all in the VERSE !


Update: Comment from Ben Lesnick about the new show:

Hey guys,

I want to clarify that the new show is not some slick marketing presentation; it's being put together by the community team in LA and the goal will be to create something that has the same spirit as Wingman's Hangar but with a little more access to the decision-making heart of the company.

When we set up Wingman's Hangar, the thought was that most of our development would be done in Austin and that Chris would be there regularly and could appear on the show every few weeks. Things have evolved a little differently over time, though: we now have offices and teams around the world... and the team in Santa Monica has grown quite a bit.

P.S. And to make absolutely clear, Dan Gheesling is not hosting the new show. Dan is not local, he flew in from the midwest to help with TNGS. (He is a pretty cool guy, though, and you're misjudging him... he's a real fan.)