10 For the Writers Ep 01


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-11-05 - A nice change of pace, Chris Roberts still in transit back from PAX Australia and the Writers step up to answer a few questions. Thank you Dave Haddock and William Weissbaum!

Questions, answers, and timeindexes...

Q1 - Auran Solstrider - 1:00 - With the vast and detailed universe that you are building, what place or thing are you most excited to see in the game?

A - Right now ... anything. Excited to see anything that is going in. Haddock says Tevarin. Will says Spider.

Q2 - X3rx3s - 2:10 - When writing about the alien races, how do you get yourself "into their heads"? How do you put yourself in their position and write from their point of view? I imagine it is quite different to how you write for a human character as you have to take an entirely different history and culture of species into account.

A - At the end of the day, you are still talking about a "person". Don't want to focus too much on the race but instead of on the individual. Reversing the thought it's fun to think about how humans would seem if you are not part of the culture.

Q3 - Melvach - 4:22 - What is your biggest fear related to when citizens get a hold of a large portion of the lore, such as with the Galactapedia, and start dissecting everything you've written?

A - That already happens. Hope that everything they've written is consistent. Writing themselves into a corner and avoid retconning things.

Q4 - Sharkateer - 6:08 - Will player-driven events like Operation Pitchfork affect the lore (and eventually become part of the history) of Star Citizen?

A - Yes. Small individual and group player activities will become part of the history and effect the long term history of Star Citizen.

Q5 - Dutch - 7:32 - When did RSI introduce the Bengal Carrier? From the lore we know that RSI has been around since the 22nd century, but during the Messer era Aegis were the main supplier of Military vessels like the Idris and Javelin. Was the Bengal released after this period or is it a venerable old warhorse like the Gladius?

A - Fairly recent, within 20-25 years.

Q5 - Doctor Nefario - 8:15 - Do the devs that are building the PU consult with you regarding the lore routinely? I found so many interesting things in the lore that I'm afraid it will be fiction rather than fact as I trave through the systems I've read about.

A - Yes. The lore is the source of what the PU is built in.

Q6 - Cypher Kalderese - 9:48 - The Church of the Journey is a very interesting concept to me, I am curious though if there are / will be any parallels between it and the Pilgrims from Wing Commander.

A - Not sure, possibly. No special bonuses to navigating jump points though.

Q7 - Aintaer - 10:40 - Most of the stories so far seem to be focused on the derring-do and heinous acts of heroes and villains. Do you have any plans to release tales of star-crossed lovers?

A - Ooooo. Sure. Ultimately want to have all sorts of stories. Particularly with the new Phoenix and hot tub that's perfect for romance. (Taking a wild guess and saying these guys aren't big on romance novels if they think the height of romance is a hot tub. - Ed.)

Q8 - Cogneter - 12:05 - Will the in-game events be unfolding in real time? For example, if there's a war that spans 3 months in the lore, will the players be able to experience it for 3 months of real time?

A - Noooo. Game time is condensed. Haven't locked down what the actual ratio is going to be. (Still hate this idea. - Ed.)

Q9 - [903] Harper - 13:54 - The current lore is quite the web of things to keep in mind. What kind of internal system do you use to crosscheck for internal consistency?

A - Internal Wiki. And use the public website. Really hard to keep it all straight.

Nice job guys (my quibbles aside). Good work and it was a pleasure hearing from you! - Ed.

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