10 For the Designers - Episode 01


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-09 - This week we have 10 For The Designers, hosted by Dan Tracy and Calix Reneau.

Q1 - 00:52 - Usuegi - Organization advertising.

A - Ad supported ship operations. Dan Tracy speaks about The Hull series actually having bill-boards. NPC ad companies and orgs may pay you to fly around with ads on. May also have similar to NASCAR sponsors and orgs for racing and all ships.

Q2 - 03:08 - Aeach - New player tutorials

A - Arena Commander 1.1 may have a (skippable) tutorial level, from the UK.

Q3 - 05:23 - Tigerheart - Simulate proper planetary orbiting?

A - Hoping to. "Proving out this system." Technical discussion about the challenges. Being prototyped.

Q4 - 8:57 - Tboneman - Joystick & gimballed weapons.

A - Looking at it. Some ideas prototyped. Difficult problem, needs to feel natural. Need to find time to test out. 

Dan: Where's that time Machine? 

Callix: I don't know when I put.

Q5 - 13:10 - Spike OZ - Cannon rounds against shields.

A - Yes! Doing a pass on shields. 

Q6 - 14:47 - Fenrilh - Shooting non-launched missiles.

A - If the missile is not armed and activated, it won't explode. If it is armed and activated. Could cause explosions. There will be safety measures.

Q7 - 17:16 - Spaceof - How turrets act, when the ship is moving around in six degrees of freedom. Like to be able to hit something.

A - Turrets will attempt to keep same track, stabilized. They ran into this for the Connie demo last gamescom.

Q8 - 20:22 - Dalphon - Non-detectable parking.

A - Turn the ship off, land on or park next to an asteroid. Yes, you can do that, need to not emit radio or heat.

Q9 - 22:14 - Dostro - Maneuvering thruster iteration.

A - Changes coming to manuevering thrusters, main engines, and IFCS. Probably several iterations. May have it so that the main engine "pumps" thrust to the thrusters. Manuevering thrusters are much stronger than the visuals indicate. Hornet is an interesting example. Manuevering thrusters can do the job almost as well as the actual main engine. Even if the main engine is lost the manuevering thrusters can do the job fine. This is going to change. Ammo, cargo being modeled.

Q10 - 27:24 - Sam Corwin - Unlink weapon firing.

A - Chain fire. Zane is looking at being able to customize your weapon groups and picking simultaneous fire or intervals. Lots of options planned. Avionics differences, weapon mods.

Note: Pressed for time today. Largely used the CIG supplied question summaries. - Ed.

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