10 for the Chairman - Episode 9


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-02-24 - New episode of Chris Roberts' "10 for the Chairman"


  • A look at "Spacewreck", a book by CIG Concept Artist David Hobbins
  • Drake Herald and info runner functions (including PvP?)
  • Matchmaking algorithms
  • "Top speed" mechanic
  • Cargo in space Tractor Beams, airlocks
  • Idris! Armory, Medbay, & Briefing room



  • Bug reporting system musings
  • Emergency landings
  • Simulator Arena mode, DFM is a precursor to the Arena Mode, Mentioned a "pro sports" level
  • Official HOTAS and Joystick update, but no real details, still in the long term planning.


His description of the Information runner was perhaps one of the more interesting answers. Starting off by describing the basic information networks of info runner drones and encrypted information. Then he listed examples of when you might want to use a Herald instead of relying on the default communications include important documents, like deeds to areas of land or recordings of exploration finds needing to get to UEE records department. Seems like it will come into play a lot for Organizations and economic transactions. PvP may come in to play either fighting your way through encounters or intercepting important communications.

When asked about what ships and how many would fit on the Idris, Chris reiterated his previous answer about two hornets and one in storage. With the possibility of substituting same size ships or smaller. Not quite answering the question to the questioners satisfaction I expect. Presumably this means they haven't quite decided. He did touch on the recent "refactoring" and that Idris owners would likely be quite happy with the ship.

On the cargo in space question, it was nice to hear there has been some thought to airlocks and bulkheads. And cargo in space. A number of ships seem not to handle it well and this probably means some revisions in the future to several designs.

His enthusiasm on the Joystick/HOTAS question was noticeable. It leads to a lot of reason to have faith that this will actually happen. It won't be soon though, he stated that is still a long term project.

All in all a quite informative episode. With some questions it is clear what pieces of the design aren't worked out yet.

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