10 For the Chairman - Episode 57


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-23

Chris introduces the show with a status report and some Star Marine previews, and creative fan gifts. (Pitchfork!)

Summary afer the jump...

Q1 - Tony_Knightcrawler - 3:58 – Repairing Gold Horizon Space Stations?

A - Long term, there will be more than one type of spacestations, some will be in worse condition than others. Do plan on allowing at least some fixups.

Q2 - Donron - 4:57 – Further detail about tax.

A - Taxes fairly simple. Landing fees. Sales tax or VAT. Orgs can tax or tythe x percent of member income.

Q3 - Nostromo1977 - 6:36 – Natural areas in the ‘Verse?

A - Yes. Some places more than others. ArcCorp has very little.

Q4 - Samuel Snow - 7:16 – FPS environmental hazards. Exploding barrels.

A - Absolutely. Some examples already in.

Q5 - Knightwulf - 8:11 – Store ore in your hangar

A - Everyone's hangar will have some storage. Usually sell it rather than store.

Q6 - Soban - 9:04 – Organic ships

A - No Farscape Moya style organ ships in the pipeline. Has been discussed for longterm future.

Q7 - Jagger - 9:40 – Ship spoofing

A - Ships could have a fake id in their transponders. Scan Signature might be possible as well.

Q8 - TheWhiteKnight - 10:35 – Non-combat ships relevancy

A - Weapon Hardpoints in general are not modular. Everything else is. Functionality comes with the item. Ships very configurable. Specialty ships actually have more

Q9 - Notable Joe - 13:08 – Search players for weapons before boarding.

A - Good idea. Maybe you can get scanners like at customs to scan people coming on to your ship.

Q10 - Komissar - 13:54 – Flying a ship without a hud

A - Yes you should be able to fly the ship without the helmet or personal display.

Bonus discussion - Talking with google recently about cloud platform and very enthusiastic that they may be able to do more on creating a more populous universe than Chris had dared imagine, which sounds pretty incredible.

18:04 – Sneak Peek

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