10 For the Chairman - Episode 56


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-09 - Recorded before PAX, Chris answers ten questions

Q1 - Admiral Barker - 2:07 - Starting wars between the different races. If players continuously attack a certain race such as the Banu could that prompt a war?

A - Probably not. Certainly are going to have meta simulation on race basis and organizations. Reputation systems. More likely to have more localized reaction. May cause the Banu to go after the individuals and groups of players. Perhaps even have the UEE go after them. Anything beyond that would be staff deciding on plot details in reaction to watching what the players do.

Q2 - Commander Keen - 3:52 - Using tractor beams defensively. (Against missiles)

A - Weeeeell I would say that, guess maybe? Probably not something I would rely on.

Q3 - Tille - 4:27 - Flying while docked to another ship.

A - Docking means cut engine. May be cases of parent ships that could have smaller ships dock and then be considered part of the larger ship. Certainly not though two Constellations docking and using their engines together.

Q4 - General Jack 0'Neill - 5:26 - NPCs reaction to weapons.

A - Definitely going to have realistic AI behaviors.  If you pull your gun in a civilized area in a crowd, they'd probably try to run away. Police in the area draw theirs and demand you drop the weapon.

Q5 - Minor Danzig - 6:04 - Historical battles in Arena Commander.

A - Really good question. Hadn't thought of that before. Like the idea. Going forward more single player and coop AC scenarios that test the types of encounters you'll see in the PU.

Q6 - Arthidon - 7:31 - Direct X 12 plans.

A - Discussions about how to deal with DX12 and OpenGL next with AMD, NVIDIA and the usual suspects. Some dependance on CryTek, but not as much as we used to be. (Watch for an Inside CIG for Frankfurt soon.) Trust CIG to push the boundaries.

Q7 - Steroids - 10:22 - Drop pods for soldiers.

A - No plan to do this at this stage. Drop ships are the SC answer to this.

Q8 - Blix - 10:57 - Flying ships while limbs are damaged.

A - There will be some effect of that. May manifest itself as a drag on control.

Q9 - Kal_Allusis - 12:07 - Using characters as crewmen.

A - Less about lower wage, but if you use a character slot as an NPC, could be used as crew. (Question not really answered. IMHO - Ed.)

Q10 - Kore - 14:19 - Bounty Hunters and known associates.

A - With the mission package would have the potential to come with some details of last known location and associates. Detective work for more. (The PVE side of this sounds great, conversation system and all, but I don't think he considered the PvP bounties. Going after PCs will be very interesting.)

19:38 - Sneak Peek


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