10 For the Chairman Episode 55


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-03-02 - Before getting into the questions, Chris showcased and interesting gift - Systems United Navy - Consolidated Operations Codex - An impressive operations manual for things inside the universe.

Q1 - Harper -3:09 - Org recruiting NPCs.

A  - You can hire NPCs, not so much recruit. 71 NPCs on the Idris in SQ42. Feels bigger than a Frigate now? (Is this going to get reclassified to destroyer? Last I heard the Idris only had berths for 30. - Ed.)

Q2 - Saiget - 5:29 - NPCs using different loadouts.

A - Yes, different "crews" will use very different loadouts for the same ships. Also Vanduul ship loadouts different.

Q3 - Kommissar - 6:45 - Traveling without the quantum drive. Travel from Planet to Lunar station without quantum drive.

A- Good question. Massive areas, there are one grid. It would take days. You'll want to use quantum drive to get there in a reasonable time.

Q4 - Black Eagel - 8:21 - Left helpless in space.

A - Don't want to leave people stranded. Auto-rescue eventually. Essentially press respawn. Beacon built in flight soon. You may end up as a rescue mission.

Q5 - Sp3ctrEync (Spectorinc) - 9:22 - Performance changes in engine. Mustang.

A - Refactor control modules and mathematically models. You'll see more in 1.1. Previously adjusting thrusters, mass, etc.

Q6 - Kal_Alusis -12:10 - Replay Squadron 42 missions in sim pod.

A - Did have the idea that you could replay missions. In sim pod is interesting. Pretty good idea.

Q7 - Pregnant Bear - 12:37 - Other handheld weapons.

Crossbow. Are going to have melee. Initially just brawling. You can learn martial arts by going to training locations, dojos. Tevarin Martial Arts. Will add options to your melee. Knives pretty likely. Classic swords are a maybe.

Q8 - ZipZag - 14:29 - Resources respawn in the PU.

A - Persistent. Massive asteroid fields. But once you mine them out, you would have to move on. Discussion regeneration, not planning on it, but is being discussed as a long term possibility.

Q9 - Wildshot - 16:13 - NPC & Human scanning.

A - Will get an ID when you get close and scan. Might be able to tell at that point.

Q10 - JJGuru - 16:59 - 64-bit transition update.

A - Going quite well. 1.1 will be mostly 64 bit. Rendering and 3d pipeline will still be 32 bit. And sound module. It will recieve testing intensive testing before they make the maps bigger. So almost done.

Close with a Retaliator sneak peak. A single shot that is allegedly in engine. Impressive. Hope to see much more in the future.


Thanks /u/Nekara, for the image capture.

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