10 For the Chairman Episode 54


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-23 - After showing off Ben's Wing Commander helmet, Chris gets down to answering some questions.

Q1 - General Jack Oniell - 2:14 - Password coded hangar doors; Allow private rooms even while inviting people into the hangars.

A - Yes! Part of the longer term goals. Not expecting that for the beginning of the social module but definitely part of the GOSt system, Game Object State. Doors may have a few different methods attached to them, pass codes or biometrics to name a few.

Q2 - Furious - 3:50 - When someone visits your hangar can they hear your music?

A - Currently runs off the hard drive. So unless they change something no. Will check on that. Not sure about the long term plans of that.

Q3 - Raytheon - 5:05 - Radiation interfering with readings; Sun at my back?

A - Long term, yes. Large celestial objects will have the potential to interfere with sensors. Not sure about sun at the back, but potentially, yes.

Q4 - Xneon - 6:10 - Military/Civilian grade gear

A - Will be different. Military grade will be harder to get. Not sure were law enforcement will be.

Q5 - Nostromo1877 - 7:05 - Waste Management career

A - Outside of the Reclaimer/Salvage not really. Could potentially be hauling contracts for garbage or scrap.

Q6 - Bucurel - 8:12 - Weapon racks on larger ships

A - Probably won't be able to change loadouts on the ships on the fly. People on the ships would have access to weapons locker.

Q7 - Kaputtmachaa - 9:27 - Sim pods on large ships

A - Pretty good question. On the Bengal or capital ships, you'd think so. Pretty cool idea. Will take that up with the gang.

Q8 - Harper - 10:13 - Pets & Vets

A - Animals will take damage, not sure there will be a whole veterinarian profession or NPCs.

Q9 - Tokomi - 11:23 - Realistic ballistics with gravity

A - Full physical modelling of projectiles. Changing over from a Damage point system. Wind and gravity will all be modeled in. Different weapons may throw a projectile at different velocities which should make a difference. (Barrel length is a major factor in this with real weapons - Ed.) Are doing a close simulation rather than a "raycast".

Q10 - Captain Jackson - 14:04 - Limitations for guests on board; Life Support and CO2 Levels

A - Not sure will necessarily limiting on those factors, maybe. Some instancing limitings. What happens when you pack up a Redeemer full of marines like a clown car? We haven't figured it out yet.

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