10 For The Chairman Episode 53


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-16 - Chris Roberts returns to answer 10 questions from the subscribers

Q1 - 02:25 - Zhadum - Org ship sharing and effects on reputation

A - Owner of the ship would take the biggest hit for illegal activities. But will try to avoid making things exploitable.

Q2 - 03:46 - Darkonus - Customizing shared/loaner ships

A - Yes would expect you could do that. But that brings up a good question. What happens to the swapped out weapons? Will have to make sure the items get put back.

Q3 - 04:49 - K_Cravener- PU mission scaling

A - Depends on the mission. Some scaling in dynamic missions. Your "skill" level by track record and who you are bringing with you. Some missions won't scale. Both large missions that require a group or small ones that are solo.

Q4 - 6:10 - Shrike - Salvaging ship wrecks, legal rights

A - In general if you come across a wreck in space go for it. Players could be attacked or npc. May be timers on PvP wrecks to avoid exploitation.

Q5 - 07:55 - Zlads - PU instance "stalking"

A - This is the Person of Interest system. Stalking a "mark" through several systems. Will help you get into the same instance as them. One of the criteria for the matchmaker (in space or on the planets). Still working on the balancing system for the instances.

Q6 - 09:37 - Raging Simian - Large ship instancing

A - Sort of depends... Largest ones will be persistant and can only exist in one instance. Space stations that you can fight over will be the same way. Rules for that haven't been all been worked out yet.

Q7 - 12:20 - Fogadus - NPCs and jump points

A - A lot of the NPC AI will be resolved on a "higher level" if you aren't seeing them. Think of it like a civilization game. Odds and resolutions. Simulated at a higher level of abstraction. The results are use to drive the encounter system. "Roll the dice." 

Q8 - 18:20 - TheHound - Planetside bounties

A - There will be opportunities to capture them at stations or planetside. NPCs will be going about their business and you should be able to figure out were they dock. "Living breathing universe." Depends on the mission system and encounter models. Missions have inputs and outputs, resolution of one mission can spawn another.

Q9 - 21:03 - Leo - Mobiglass placement.  Can you swap forearms? Left handed vs right handed.

A - Right now only supporting right handed animations (for everything). May support left handed later.  So if they do that - mobiglas swapping would be supported.

Q10 - 22:39 - Mandulis - Multiple game packages and NPCs

A - You can define as many characters as you have packages or character slots. When you are not playing any of the characters, you can use them as NPCs. You probably would have a "running cost" of all npcs, but they are figuring that out. Chewie still likes to have his share of the spoils.

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