10 For the Chairman - Episode 52


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-02-02 - It's 52 Pickup! Chris stops by before he heads off to Dice to answer your questions about Star Citizen. We start out with a recap of recent events and talk about how big a year this is going to be for CIG.

Q1 - 02:28 - Bear - You've discussed various ship skins and customizations, but has there been any consideration for custom crew uniforms?

A - Plan is to have different outfits you can acquire or buy. Different colors. It would be cool to have org emblems and such as well. Perhaps not day one, but we'll see.

Q2 - 03:24 - Nostromo1977 - Would CIG ever consider adding Banu & Xi'An Embassies in UEE space? This way we could talke to consulates from the different races on planets such as Prime?

A -Definitely going to ultimately have the embassies. Perhaps not at launch. There will be Banu and Xi'An planets as well.

Q3 - 04:30 - Marius - Will there be missions designed for more than one ship? For instance the same job offering a cargo delivery mission and that also requires an escort ship.

A - Yes. Could be broken down into composite missions as well. Could have NPC Mercs escorting you.

Q4 - 05:04 - DarkMyth - How will inventories work? Will we have to buy warehouses throughout the verse to store our fuel, weapons and goods or will there be a console where you can access your inventory anywhere and pull items out of it? Also will there be any cap on inventory?

A - Physical inventories. Items must exist somewhere. Ships holds, pockets, backpacks, hangars. Dimensions and weight.

Q5 - 07:22 - Manic - Cosmetic purchases for future revenue streams have been discussed before; are there any plans for purchasable voice packs for our ships/hangars/etc? I am sure a Mark Hamill, Nathan Fillion or GLaDOS voice pack would sell well.

A - Planning to have voice packs for nav computers, ship, mobiglas. May have celebrity voices, not sure. Buy in game with UEC.

Q6 - 08:27 - Jomanda - In order to give the huge investment of time and effor obtaining that goal meaning, what gameplay do you envision where orgs can utilize their capital assets? For example, can orgs be hired by system or state governments to perform military for long term contracts, just like present day private military companies? Can orgs be contracted for both specific targets and more open, time based contracts?

A - Higher end missions. Game master or economy based.

Q7 - 09:42 - Couger - Will there be quarantines placed on planets and if so those who take Medic type position be called to serve? Could smugglers who break quarantines pass plagues on to other planets?

A - Cool idea. Medical disasters are something planned. Generate economic missions. Not prepared to say that smugglers would pass on plagues. GMs could do it.

Q8 - 10:50 - Apocraphon - Will there be something to the effect of FPS dungeons/instances? Something like taking a five man FPS team into a Vanduul mining station or arms factory and either stealthing or killing everything that moves on your way to the objective?

A - Yes. Absolutely. Whole bunch of that gameplay. Raids... dungeon crawls.

Q9 - 13:19 - Sam Corwin - Hi Chris, how are the Tevarin coming along? Can we expect to see them any time soon?

A - Early concept work done. So far taller and skinnier than the XiAn, but so far look too similar.

Q10 - 14:21 - Staffa Kartherma - I was wondering what tools both in and out of game will Organization leaders have to manage their members and fleets?

A - Web platform and in game (mobiglas app). Perhaps Android app. Run your org like a business.

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