10 For the Chairman Episode 51


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2015-01-26 - Chris answers a few questions after spending a while talking about a new LA space. Descriptions of how packed things are. New space used to be a photography studio, they are keeping one of the areas dedicated to Community programs and MoCap. Adding some local QA in the new office. Got lucky and got a deal. Move planned around June.

Q1 - 6:50 - Raeyick - I've seen a lot of talk about food, sleep, showering, etc. Many ships have features for the immersion effect but are there plans to actually make these commodities/needs affect the player? In other words, will sleeping grant a bonus to black out tolerance or food give players a buff like the do in most MMOs?

A - Talked about before. Do like the immersion features and that ship has features that make it seem real. Don't like the tedious level of requiring self-maintenance. Light effects expected. Light RPG immersion factor. Automated fashion.

Q2 - 9:30 - Drum - Would we be able to capture, decrypt, and interrogate the information drones which are transferring news and information through the various jump points, and possibly find a market for the information gathered? If so, would it also be possible to do a catch and release, thereby doing this under the radar without the knowledge of the true recipients?

A - Yes. Think that would be something a focus of the info runner and associated mechanics. Part of it is getting information to the recipient securely.

Q3 - 10:27 - Eoi Telemnar - Do you plan on any of the larger ships, i.e. the Starfarer or Carrack, to be hangar ready in 2015?

A - Starfarer yes... Carrack maybe. Starfarer is needed for SQ42 and that would require it to be at least hangar ready. Still hiring people for the ship team(s). Retaliator as well. Talking about some new systems that should blow us away.

Q4 - 13:12 - Mr. Everything - If I am flying with a squadron of friends and we encounter a jump point, will we all be able to enter at once or will we have to go through one at a time?

A - Good question. Haven't really figured out the group jump. Are considering "link-ups". Also Jump point size might have an effect. Goal would be to have you be able to fly from instance to instance with your friends and not get separated.

Q5 - 14:18 - Renji - Will our missiles be able to lock on to specific points of the larger capital ships such as the engine or cockpit, or will we have to aim them manually?

A - On bigger ships, you will be able to do some specific systems targeting.

Q6 - 14:50 - Xenoshaft - How will back packs and/or "kits" work in SC. Will we end up putting a backpack on and then have access to so much room to place items, like a more traditional MMO/RPG?

A - Yes, that is the design. It is all physically fit. This goes from pants pockets to back packs to hangars. Number of items of X size. You'll actually see the items.

Q7 - 16:40 - Space Monkey - In addition to the skills that must be acquired by players such as ship piloting, will there be any character skills or perks such as being able to speak alien languages?

A - Don't have any plans for this now. Equipment can sort of fill this role. Buy better tools that allow you to do certain things. NPCs have this but for the players it's what you do as a player.

Q8 - 18:08 - Tools - How do you envision player to player sales in the PU? Will other players simply browse my goods through their MobiGlas, or will there be an opportunity for a storefront?

A - That aspect is something we are discussing. Are considering store fronts eventually. Banu Merchant Man concept is sort of a mobile store front. There will probably also something like craigslist were players can arrange to meet. 

Q9 - 19:42 - Inspiration - Will a capital ship be able to extend its shields around a docked/connected smaller ship to provide additional protection during this delicate process?

A - Probably not. Each ship takes care of it's own shields.

Q10 - 20:34 - Chaplain - Will pilots have the ability to lock bulkheads in their ships as a means to make boarding attempts more difficult? Maybe depressurizing and re-pressurizing compartments as a means to fight back using ship systems?

A - Yes they will! Lock down mode. Boarding may require hacking door locks.

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