10 For the Chairman Episode 50


(Citizen Star News) - By Citizen Ed - 2015-01-19 - Chris just back from Europe. Helping set up the Frankfurt, Germany office.

Environment Summit coming up, just completed the Ship Summit. It's summit season as they revisit all the plans and lay out the work to be done this year.

New patch coming with major work on Missile Balance and Counter Measure fixes.

Q1 - 6:57 - Bearing - Will there be medals and rank in SQ42? After we complete the campaign will we be able to frame all the medals, badges, and final rank and anything else we earn and display it in our hangar or home?

A - Yes. That's definitely intended. In game, in fiction awards. In the PU there will be mementos and things like that as well. Now considering having PU and SQ42 being capable of happening in parallel, "Campaign Dairy" fills out as you get deeper into SQ42.

Q2 - 9:31 - Void Stalker - Can you tell us a little about how you envision the artistic look and feel of moving through a jump point? We have seen everything from light filled "tunnels" that you surf, ala the Wing Commander movie, Stargate or Freeelancer, to streaking stars in Star Wars and Star Trek. Do you plan something visually along those lines, or do you have a unique artistic twits up your sleeve that you don't mind sharing with us?

A - Just starting to work on that. Jump Point for interstellar and Quantum Travel in system (Speed of light * .2 (or slightly higher than that did he just say?). Still playing with the ideas. Jump Points should be surfing tunnels. Quantum would be more Star Trek like. Also considering unstable Jump Points. Drift over time requiring occasional re-navigation or some might be so unstable that you have to fly them manually everytime.

Q3 - 13:49 - Admiral - Can you tell us more about how you see the role of capital ships in the game? Do you see them as viable exploration, mining or trading vessels, suitable for diverse uses, or will they be strictly combat oriented?

A - Would depend on how you want to use them. They are built to survive out in space for long periods of time. Great base. Mining might be more difficult but small mining ships could base off a capital. Modular elements may enable that flexibility down the road. Retaliator is going to be the pilot ship for the module elements which will get into the capitals.

Q4 - 16:32 - Where is the line drawn in legalities inside the Verse whin it comes to theft vs reclaiming? Will this depend on when players eject?

A - I don't know, that is a good question. Would think that if you shoot up a ship and then they eject then that's stealing. If you are an uninterested 3rd party and didn't witness the act then you can probably salvage free clear. Something that they will be figuring out sometime soon.

Q5 - 18:10 - Sheppard22 - can you please go in depth about the PU trading system? Will you make profit without ever leaving your ship, or will it be more complex where you have to unload your cargo and take it to shops trying to sell it?

A - When you land on planets this will generally be handled by manifest so you wouldn't necessarily need to leave your ship. Some specialty cargo may need to be handled differently. Some places may not have that level of facility to handle the cargo for you.

Q6 - 20:18 - Cpt. Darkstar - Are there any plans to have our ship sensors synched to our mobiglas? This would allow us to periodically check up on our exterior surroundings while we are exploring interior area and make sure we are not left stranded.

A - Yes. And maps, charts, etc. Was just looking at some the features, like depressurizing the cockpit. We'll be seeing some of these appear in AC sometime soon.

Q7 - 22:18 - Marius - Will there be Tiered Factions, Governmental Organisations and career opportunities within them?

A - Yes. Definitely. Governmental orgs are NPCs versions of the same type of orgs. Hierarchical. Offer jobs. Relationships.

Q8 - 23:45 - Blakethepatton - With there being other alien races, does that mean that there will be other currencies with a need for currency exchange office?

A - Different races would have different currencies. But at the moment it may be handled as a fixed exchange rate, at least in the early stages.

Q9 - 24:39 - PositronicReflex - Will rovers have limitations on the area that they can explore due to such factors as power, fuel drains or map barriers? Also, will they be able to be destroyed?

A - Yes limits. All of the above. Planetside areas will be pretty limited, 16-30 sq kilometers max to start. And yes there will be damage modelling and destruction.

Q10 - 25:49 - Talon Karrade - As stated previously when you lose a larger or rarer ship it may take longer for a new one to arrive in your hangar. Will we have the ability to pay UEC to fast track our ships manufacturing and receive it sooner?

A - Good question. Hadn't thought about that. Replacement is based on supply and demand. Too early to answer that question.

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