10 For the Chairman - Episode 49


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-12-22 - Chris Roberts joins us to answer a few questions:

Recorded after the livestream apparently. Before I think it become clear there were going to be serious difficulties staying connected.

Q1 - 1:49 - Roland Deschaingun - How would you compare your vision for sharing information across ships (e.g. a Hornet Tracker sharing info to a C&C center on an allied cap ship) to sharing information across crew stations? Will signal/signature visibility, transmit/recieve equipment, interception, encryption, etc. be considerations?

A - Definitely signal/signature, broadcast distance/range, cpu power, encryption, so yes to all. Disrupting you opponents communication and interception/hacking, yes. Planning to have a fair amount of this kind of thing.

Q2 - 3:08 - SilentRuin - I've heard a friend can login to an NPC position. But it brings up the question - since I hired an NPC for the position - how does a player get paid for doing that job? Is the NPC paid in escrow and then if a player subs in for X time they get X slice of the salary?

A - No. You'll hire a crew. You have to pay them. When you are in space you can invite your friends to play the NPCs, but there is no paying the Player. NPCs stay there, they are just controlled by PCs temporarily. (Players do this to have fun, could say they get paid in Fun not in game cash. If they want to get paid in UEC, they'd have to sign on as crew and bring their own characters. - Ed.)

Q3 - 4:39 - CyberianTiger - How will social status play into the game? Will there be a benefit to having earned citizenship? Will there be be planets we can't visit without citizenship or limitations on what we can do without citizenship?

A - Definitely be part of the game. Track your relationship with various groups. Citizenship is part of that. Some areas citizenship may be a disadvantage, with pirates for example. You will get some access to stuff that you can't if you don't.

Q4 - 6:54 - Julien Delphiki - How will the jump point discovery mechanic work? Is the jump point discovery expected to be real-time flight manuevering or is it strictly based on sensors and electronics that can map the jump point?

A - You need to scan to find it. Not going to be automatic. When you find the "point of entry" then you have to fly it... to map it. Haven't prototyped it out fully. "Surf the tunnel." Automatically go back. Some of the gear will be capable or as capable.

Q5 - 8:45 - Drum - Can someone Re-sample or Re-Do a jump point sequence that would be faster or less of a thrill ride than the original data created? Or once it is accomplished, that will be the only way to do it ever?

A - Really interesting idea. Current plan is only path... but it would be interesting to do this so that you could get a better time, or more efficiency. Play with that when we get it prototyped.

Q6 - 9:30 - Vic - How will players be able to establish relationships with NPCs? Will NPCs ever initiate interaction with the player, perhaps coming to them with a job as suggested by the MISC Freelancer commercial?

A - Yes. NPCs will initiate interactions and they may come to individuals with jobs. Job board is the main place. Want to make them seem real. "Meta AI"

Q7 - 11:14 - ERK - Will we see longer ranged smart-weapons both for attacking ships and smaller targets that are comparable with present day weapons (i.e. Harpoon, Tomahawk, Phoenix, etc)?

A - Think longer range stuff will probably come in later, once the bigger maps come. A lot of long-range gameplay. Will be some limitations since it won't be much fun if all combat ends up beyond visual range.

Q8 - 12:28 - Jacknife - With the recently announced modular approach to ships, are you and the team considering a simple "plug-and-play" approach, like the current method of configuring small ships in Arena Commander, or would swapping out internal modules be a larger undertaking, perhaps requiring a machine shop and several in game days of downtime for the ship to be reconfigured?

A - Good question. Not sure we've really decided. On a bigger ship, may take longer. Haven't made a decision on that. Putting it off till we get working and can play with it.

Q9 - 14:27 - Euno - How will transportation of ships be handled? For example if I am a trader and I want to bring a few hornets to sell in a warzone will the be transported in parts allowing them to fit in my cargo or do they have to be transported fully assembled?

A - Right now... fully assembled. So they would have to be flown there or you'd have to have a ship big enough to carry them.

Q10 - 15:35 - Rodent rascal - Will a merchant player be able to bribe the character slot NPC crew of their competitor to mutiny against their boss?

A - Not planning to do that at the moment. Take it under advisement. May have fun with morale and mutiny somewhere down the line. There will be some elements of it. Skill levels and morale. But no mutiny for SC 1.0.

Happy Holiday wishes from Chris and the team! Thank you for your patience (do realize it's taking longer than would be liked) and next year should be pretty amazing!

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