10 For the Chairman Episode 48


(Citizen Star News) - by Citizen Ed - 2014-12-15 - Freshly back from Europe, Chris answers our questions but not before giving us some news:

Has been in England preparing for big "shoots" for Squadron 42.

Sidetrip to Germany which should lead to some big news next year. (CryTek related maybe? - Ed.)

He mentions visiting and partnering with Imaginarium, Andy Serkis' company in London (Gollum, Planet of the Apes, upcoming Star Wars films), to push performance capture "to the next level". The guys at Imaginarium are apparently (SC and/or CR?) "fans". That is pretty mind-blowing.

Summary and timindexes...

Q1 - Randomtask - 5:18 - One of my favorite parts of Star Trek was watching the crew come up with interesting ways to use their non-combat equipment to trick distract, disarm or otherwise overcome more heavily-armed or numerous opponents. That said, will science-oriented vessels like the Carrack be able to use their non-combat equipment in novel ways against aggressors, beyond their standard applications?

A -  Pretty good ... uhm... question... Definitely looking at countermeasures. Not sure specifically the Carrack although are planning more modularity that should allow flexibility. Hard to appreciate it right now, but almost all the functionality of even the smaller ships flying around in AC are based on equipped items. Computer, radar, etc. The signature system, which will be introduced in ACv1.0 will allow a lot of interesting game play in this vein. Hiding in asteroids and etc.

Q2 - Julian Delphiki - 8:56 - What happens to your ship if you fail to navigate a jump point? Are pulled out an unknown system location between the two end points or somewhere else?

A - Several things could happen. Spit out at some random location, or ship is destroyed. Some context would apply, but like is there some place where it would make sense for you to be spit out. We've not entirely worked that out yet.

Q3 - Marko Fowles - 9:38 - Will players be able to own and operate factories that produce (alien) tech and how does a factory get founded?

A - Not sure about alien tech. But factories (aka production nodes) are definitely planned. As things grow, more "slots" would be available.

Q4 - Rex - 11:06 - Will a coms officer be able to scan for and listen to other player's/NPC's ship to ship or EVA communications over various frequencies? Will it be possible to encrypt and hack communication signals?

A - Yes. Something like a "mini-game" there. Yes encryption and decryption (code breaking) could be a part of that.

Q5 - Stormfire962 - 12:96 - Can you please tell what kind of tools will be available to organization to help track expenses, ships usage, supplies, missions and etc?

A - Allow orgs to pay it's members for missions, tax or tithe members. Common assets. All still early days. Some of that will be on the web site.  Slowly building in these things. Part of the lobby, org system and Planetside module that will be released next year (were you will be able to invite people into your hangar and do things).

Q6 - Pendulum Effect - 13:42 - How do you foresee snub fighters being deployed on captial ships? Will be it launch tubes similar to Battlestar Galactica or do you have something else in mind?

A - Don't really have launch tubes... most ships fly off the flight deck. May have quick launch systems on rails which could be somewhat similar, but with out the tubes.

Q7 - Cantara - How much interaction can we expect from AI in the PU? Will AI on my ship or planet-side comne up to me and start a conversation or tell me something important or will players need to approach every AI  in order to ask question or interact with?

A - NPC AI will be both passive and active. Some of the characters will have their own personalities and goals. Trying to make our AI more dynamic.

Q8 - Sicus - 16:40 - In the PU, if I choose one of the planetside hangars can I leave the hangar and visit shops and pubs on the planet? If so, what if I choose the asteroid hangar? Will I have to fly with one of my ships to a planet or will there be some sort of shuttle service?

A - Yes, you can leave your hangar. Asteroid hangars would be a big asteroid with mulitple hangars and have shops and pubs of it's own. There will also be public transportation. Will be some pirate locations.

Q9 - Johnjohns - How much additional support will drop-ship pilots be able to provide for their ground teams? For example, a pilot be able to assist the strike force with an additional pair of eyes by monitoring their motion sensors, vital signs, helmet cams, etc?

A - Aliens comes to mind, should probably support that but can't promise that at this point. Kinda cool. Will take that under advisement.

Q10 - Drachir - 19:24 - Once Squadron 42 is complete and out the door and the PU up and running, are there any plans to work on other single-player campaigns? Maybe something non-military, or maybe play as a member of an alien species?

A - Yes, definitely. Squadron 42 is the first in a series. Some will be military and some maybe civilian. Haven't really nailed down what that will be yet, but do plan on continuing in that vein.

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