10 For the Chairman - Episode 40


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-10-06 - With little preamble, just a mention of CitizenCon and PAX Australia, Chris digs into answering our questions

Timestamps, transcribed questions and summaries of answers after the jump:

Q1 - 1:58 - Marley - While piloting within a star system, how will we know our bearing? Aside from the star map and fast-travel mechanics, will there be a galactic compass, a grid system, or possibly a Z,Y,Z coordinate system to help navigate and identify direction?

A: Navigation starmap. Predetermined navigation points. Will have some sort of coordinate system. There is an underlying X,Y,Z, but still playing with variations. Probably some form of X,Y,Z. Current plan is dynamic systems with orbiting planets which does complicate things.

Q2 - 4:06 - Hell Cat - With salvaging, if we find a military ship, is it possible to salvage it without getting into hot water with the UEE?

A: Yeah, definitely think so. No problem with that.

Q3 - 4:38 - The Tick - While on a mission, would another player be able to complete, highjack, or perhaps destroy your objective? Suppose you are sent to pick up a particular object, but when you discover that it's gone?

A: Probably two kinds of missions, for example a bounty to kill a Pirate Lord... you'd be competing to kill him. Probably other missions that are specific to you. You may have an instance specific to you for the latter type.

Q4 - 6:30 - Moose - Thanks for green-lighting the surveyor/Reclaimer/salvage mechanic. What mission types are thinking might be in the game for salvagers?

A: Space battles, stripping damaged weapons and other parts still useful. Repair style mechanic.

Q5 - 8:20 - Skuripanda - If an Aurora player heads on a collision course with my big expensive ship full of precious cargo on a suicide run but doesn't arm weapons, am I allowed to shoot at him to protect my ship, or will I be automatically marked a criminal, since I'll be technically "shooting first"?

A: In this case they would "determine" whether they were trying to ram you. They'll look at an algorithm for this to try to prevent abuse. ("It's coming straight for us!" *blam* obligatory South Park reference Chris forgot. - Ed.)

Q6 - 9:04 - GhostStorm11 - Will we be able to rent specific items and ship upgrades in game based off a "credit" system? For instance, if I am in good standing with UEE and the banks, I could go down to a special equipment warehouse and rent a mission specific item (like a high end telescope camera for an intelligence gathering mission)?

A: Think that is a good idea. Rent items to each other? Lease equipment or ships is intended. Maybe not right at the beginning.

Q7 - 10:20 - Col. Shaggy - How will the cost of insurance scale in relation to ships? Will an M50 cost more to insure than say a Constellation because the M50 is designed for a much more dangerous usage, i.e. racing versus cargo hauling? Or will it be based on size or ship price?

A: All ships come with insurance. You have to acquire it to fly it, if you don't have LTI. Not sure on derelicts. Some component is cost, some would be role, sports car vs family wagon.

Q8 - 12:08 - General Jack Oneill - Within Star Citizen, there are a variety of water planets in various systems. Will there be underwater worlds with cities, communities and unique opportunities? Perhaps ones that can be visited in special ships that can land in water or unique submersible craft that can be dropped out of a bay?

A: Will be water planets. Not going to do underwater on day 1. Shouldn't be too hard to add later.

Q9 - 13:16 - Scrymgeour - In the PU will it be possible to stay anonymous? Think of "Transporter" - going into a bar, meet the customer, getting paid in cash and then doing a job for him without him knowing who I am.

A: Definitely have a way for you to take anon type of work in the universe. Ways of scrambling your id. Grey missions are intended. Still figuring things out. We'll see.

Q10 - 14:54 - Matt B. Havior - Will we be able to revive players that died, for example 5 or 10 minutes ago and we are near with our hospital ship to apply first aid, from permanent death?

A: Won't have a classic respawn system. If you die in space, you'll be recovered and wake up in a medical center. Future medicine is better in the future than now. There will be ways to patch people up. Field medicine. Recovering your friend and getting him to medical within a reasonable time can help avoid "death".

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