10 For the Chairman - Episode 37


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-09-15 - Community Manager Ben Lesnick joins Chris Roberts for these weeks episode!

Fun gifts and Ben talks about acquiring a bunch of Wing Commander memorabilia from the Orgin shutdown.

Notes and timeindexes after the jump.

1. 7:03 Q: Deadly Omen - Are there any plans for a more personalized ship-AI? I think it would be great, especially for solo players, to have a "sidekick" AI that could fire off some jokes, tell you about the current system you are in, tell you when players of interest are in the area, give advice etc...

A: Definitely planning to personalize, different voices, later on. Not really doing full sentient AI in SC. Never know.

2. 8:10 Q: Drum - What would happen to your Constellation if the whole crew got into the rover and somehow died planetside in a newly discovered and unreported sector?

A: Respawn with the most recent friendly planet you were on, with the "fiction" that you were recovered by a rescue team. Ship would presumably come too? Chris doesn't exactly say.

3. 8:50 Q: Sindre - Are there any ideas of having incredibly powerful (hostile) space stations in the game? Think of the Death Star as an example. You would have to form a large group (maybe even form alliances with your enemies) to be able to face the large threat. Almost like a raid.

A: Not on the level of the death star, but definitely some similar challenges. Take over spacestation, yes. Take out defenses and deploy boarding ships.

4. 10:10 Q: Holo-san Voidrax - The Murray Cup Racing map, New Horizon Speedway, seems to be a few thousand feet above a planet surface. Are there any planetary gravity or atmospheric effects (e.g. wind resistance) added to the flight physics for that map? If not, would various such conditions be considered for future such conditions be considered for future race courses?

A: Small amount gravity is there. Not sure if there is wind resistance yet. Engine supports it. More of that will come in the future.

5. 11:12 Q: Grimzod - Does this mean block boxes left over from PvP can be used to blackmail said PvPers? By capturing the Black Box of a Pirate's victim can I thine use that BB against the pirate? Pay me X$ or I turn the data in to the UEE?

A: Current thinking is about comm systems in space, at least in civilized systems. Essentially black boxes are external. In border systems or if comms where blocked... not sure if there is really going to be a black box in the ships to recover. Not current thinking anyway. (I do seem to recall black boxes being talked about, perhaps by Rob Irving? Seems it may have been an off the cuff thought or things have changed. - Ed.)

6. 12:53 Q: Lee Warren - For example, let's say some genius on a boarding party decides to throw a grenade into the bridge of a Connie. This might wipe out the captain and crew, but I'd hope that it would also damage the seats, controls, and maybe even the front of the ship. Such a dynamic might discourage players from mindlessly using explosives on a smaller multi-crew ship and making boarding a bit more interesting.

A: Yes, definitely planned that way. You'll want to be careful what weapons you use.

7. 13:35 Q: PurgatorialFlame - As a fellow explorer type, will we be able to capture and document fauna & flora for the galactipedia? If so, could we take this to the next level and potentially sell various species on the black market or to UEE research groups?

A: Very good question. Looking at some level of that. Flora and fauna could be an interesting addition to the list. Exploring and having mementos is what replaces achievements. Ben reminds us that's how we get new fish.

8. 15:05 Q: 22 Actual - Death of a Spaceman mentions that it's possible to have your pod rescued by another player. As a Cutlass owner, will be able to take missions to rescue players and NPCs that ave ejected? Further will rescue missions be generated for Payer and NPC Search and Rescue teams?

A: Yeah, definitely planning on supporting this. Probably would be missions generated for it. Potentially rescuing NPCs and Players.

9. 15:48 Q: LlydM - How are spaceports being handled? When we land at one will we see other players' ships or will we be in our instance until we leave the landing pad? If we are able to see other people's ships, what is to stop someone walking into one of them and flying off? Will we be able to lock them with an access code?

A: Generally you will landing area which you will be alone. You may find places that can see other ships, like large ship pads. It will still be your own space.

10. 17:20 Q: Qanniqtuq - How will the airspace around the planets be handled? Will we need a space traffic controller authorization to land with a specific circuit? How will it be enforced (prohibited to land on a planet if we didn't comply or space pilot license revoked)? Can a spaceport be closed due to a lot of traffic?

A: Most places will need clearances. Ships auto computer will bring you into your landing spot. Won't be able to barge into airspace. There may be "burn up in atmosphere" or police come up to intercept you, kind of thing.

Closing words are about v0.9 and how things are going.

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