10 for the Chairman - Episode 32


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-08-04 - Chris takes time out from Gamescom prep (yes, deju vu from last week) to answer our questions.

Interesting highlights: Battleships! New information about releases Patch 13 (aka Arena Commander v0.9, after Gamescom), and 14 (aka Arena Commander 1.0), and ad hoc groups for Arena Commander Matchmaking.

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2:32 Q: Socrates - How important is it to you that this game set a visual standard for modern games? Will you try to make the graphics advanced enough to test enthusiast PCs in 2015?

A: Yes, He Will. Definitely will be pushing the boundaries as he always has. One of the reasons for the choice of CryEngine.

5:09 Q: Premium Shank - Organizational "dues/taxes", will they be to where the payer contributes manually or automatically?

A: Will be an option. Depends on how the org was set up.

5:52 Q: HeadlessChook - Are you able to give some more details on the ship skins available in the pledge store? Will the skins be able to be applied to all ship classes or just the "Original 5"? I have all of them as another way to support and would love to have some more details.

A: Still slightly up in the air. Tech to paint to customize ships. Depends how it turns out, goal is to be flexible as possible but they've not done that part yet.

7:05 Q: Black Dragon - I've noticed a lot of the capital ships are mostly based around carrying and supporting fighters and other craft. Will there be any capital ships that are more firepower based like what you'd expect out of a Battleship or Missile Cruiser? Still holding out for a space yamato!

A: Loved that series as a child. Have a couple of ships on the drawing board that are huge battleships that dwarf the Bengal! There will be some new smaller ships that are "firepower" based as well.

8:07 Q: KitBash - How can we expect Spectrum matchmaking (public or private) to work with groups? Will lobbies or group invites be involved in some way? Will that process change with the addition of multi-crew ships?

A: Yes yes and yes. They are working on supporting all of this. Friends list or ad-hoc groups. Hopefully be supporting 1.0 aka Patch 14. Patch 13 release after gamescom

9:47 Q: Drum - If a Vanduul neutral ship (Banu), or even a Scyth, was just gliding along and minding its own business, is there a possibility that it would be ignored by the Vanduul?

A: Yeeeeah, I mean I think so. Vanduul don't automatically attack everyone. Based on the reputation system. Will be fleshed out in the future.

10:39 Q: Crimson Hawk Moth - I would like to know, how does the entire "here, you fly my ship" work? Is there a contract signing of some sort? If they crash it, does the owner get it back with or without insurance? Is the person you're lending the ship to allow to fly back to the Coordinates of your hangar and land it in place? I would just like to know how all this is supposed to work.

A: Good question, we'll let you know when we figure it out. But they do plan to support

12:01 Q: William George -  During the Around the Verse episode 8, we were showing several different potential color schemes for the exterior of the M50. How much control will we have over the look of our ships once the PU launches? Will it be a selection of colors like this or/will we be able to more fully change the color of ships (like custom car painting)? What impact will the 'skins' available for pledging now have, and will they work on all ships equally?

A: Very much like HeadlessChook's question. Pretty much the same answer. May be tint maps with custom colors. May have a selection of liveries. We'll see how this works in the long run.

13:45 Q: SuojaKerroin - Is it possible to get an underwater hangar since we now have plenty of water planets in the 'Verse? If that is not possible how about bigger aquariums to cover entire walls, or any other cool hangar environments?

A: Haven't considered an underwater hangar. Hangar revamps are just coming out soon. There may be other models developed over time. Underwater is a cool concept for the future. Hangar also needs to be appropriate to the planet you are on.

16:04 Q: Almighty Verb - Just wondering about the possibility of finding yourself stuck planetside. If your character is already in severe debt (and can't get another loan as a result), this could lead to some unique and interesting interactions. If there were ways for a player to earn money on the surface, such as courier missions or even just mundane jobs, this could function as a catch-all to prevent bankruptcy and greatly increase immersion.

A: Great idea, Chris has been speaking to Tony Zurovec on how to make missions more interesting and personal. This could fit very well into that. Definitely planning to have some non-ship based jobs. Some of this variety may be after launch.

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