10 for the Chairman - Episode 31


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-28  - Chris Roberts takes a moment out from his Gamescom prep to answer a few questions.

1:42 Q: Muddy Grimes - "My crew and I want to know if it'll be possible to capture a vanduul individual to use for initiation process' which is having the initiate(s) fight this captured vanduul to the death in melee combat?"

(This is pretty bloodthirsty question. Wow. -Ed.) Chris says cool idea in a way, but no not really. Not currently planned. Captured people become "items".

2:46 Q: PreachMan - The plan is to roll out modules to both share WIP and to pre-pre-alpha test pieces of the game. Have you considered an "Economy Module"; maybe "SC -- It's the Economy, Stupid: The Board Game" as part of the testing plan?

It's actually pre-alpha "one more pre than we use". Good question for Tony Zurovec. They are doing this internally and they will be mocking that up in game. Not sure how much will be release that as a module is up in the air. Probably not.

4:41 Q: Emulator - Can you stay in the UEE Military for some time? Be able to achieve Constellation command or higher as the rank structure? Getting promotions and awards and having ceremonies for them? Will the UEE require military contractors? Possibly even having a retirement for those that stay in for a period?

You muster out at the end of SQ42, so sort of no. There will be additional single player mission packs later, which may include reenlisting. In the PU there may be military contractors. Longer term that may happen. Getting promotions

6:42 Q: Acebravo - My guild mates and I were wondering if the shield on the ships are a physical barrier or could you possibly, as an example fly a small fighter inside a larger ship's shields to put direct fire onto its hull effectively bypassing the shields?

Are a separate geometry. Chris thinks this could be possible. Small window.

8:22 Q: Jeremiah Irons - I was curious how Star Citizen will tackle digital families of NPCs as well as children in general. It seems that in most games, children NPCs are simply absent, but going down to a planet and seeing men and women about their daily lives could take away from immersion.

No plans for children. Would possibly have background npcs for variety. But is a good point.

9:32 Q: Dag - Will players be able to rent out their ships to other players and if so, how would that work? Used ship lot?

It has been discussed. Not entirely sure. May be used ship lots, but for a player, would likely be brokered on the mission board, "Craig's List of Space".

10:56 Q: Nobyn - Currently the player's interaction with the world is through a large "Use" icon appearing for vague activation zones and non-detailed input panels. What is the plan for the fidelity by which the player interacts and manipulates the world? Will the players be able to press individual buttons on a dashboard or door lock numeric keypad with a refined and precise method?

Yeah, current implementation is default cryengine. Are planning a bit better interface. Might have outlines around usable interfaces... glow for hot area.

12:18 Q: Bear - We've been told SC will go for the Hollywood version of space simulation where sound travels through the void. Have you considered having a switch in the game options where external sounds can be turned off?

Yes, they've considered that. Not too hard. Not going to commit to it as it is being classified as a "nice to have"

13:07 Q: Circus - As spying and hacking will be part of the game I would like to know if for example a spy (with a blown cover) or a citizen who made a huge mistake will be able to get a new identity. I could imagine that this means he/she needs to visit an identity-renewal institution, new face, hair, etc?

Yes, absolutely. Plastic surgery, recreate your appearance. Device is already part of the plans. Places you can do that "off the grid". (Fake ids have been confirmed previously, but Chris did not address that part. -Ed.)

14:22 Q: Algared - How/when do you envisage implementing the Beta testing? Will beta testing be implemented by module while alpha is testing other modules, or will beta be a final test of the whole package prior to release?

Alpha is feature/functionality complete. Beta is content complete. Arena Commander is very pre-alpha. Rolling out sections of that bigger over all game for testing. Alpha will be whole PU, at least functionally speaking. Should be after all the module work is rolled up into the PU. Likes this progression as expectation setting.

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