10 for the Chairman - Episode 29


(Citizen Star News) - 2014-07-14 - Mr Big shot Ben helps Chris introduce ten for the chair. A glimpse at the AMD Vesuvius card.

2:02 Q - Drakxter - Once the PU is official released and the days of alpha and beta testing is over, will 'Arena Commander' follow the rules of non-FTL communication, which effectively means you can only play "Arena Commander' matches against other players that are located on the same planet or spacestation as yourself?

Pretty good question. Hadn't really thought about that.  In general no. But there may be some in game tournaments. Have to think about that.

3:39 Q - Ostron - We've seen several lore bits already about the different HUD manufacturers and their offerings and how ships are going to have unique HUDs down the road. I remember in WC: Privateer, you had to work your way up to a fully functionally HUD (i.e. color radar). If so are the different HUDs going to differ in capabilities?

Yes to an extent. A more bare bones ship will have less HUD. Hornet may track more targets than an Aurora for example.

5:14 Q - Vollaovi - As you know even new MMO's get launched, most of the time they are plagued by gold farmers and gold sellers and bot-ing. Well maybe in this case UEC farmers and sellers. They tend affect economy and many other various things. How are you going to approach this so issue with the economy so important to the PU?

Pretty aware of the dynamics, they are going sell a limited amount themselves so you don't have to go to the goldfarmers. Hard to eliminate completely. Some auditing and transfer controls planned. Transaction fees.

Biggest thing is trusted source ie "us", CIG. Should cut it down. We'll see.

8:14 Q - I.T. - Has there been any discussion amongst the developers about the possibility of attempting to create a format of third person gameplay when not in a ship, that doesn't give a tactical advantage of vision in combat over those who prefer first person gameplay?

Yes. HUD in visor likely. At least when you are wearing such things. In general game design adheres to aiming and shooting should be in first person, third person is for admiring your character, ship or environs.

9:28 Q - JazAero - Has any consideration be given supporting other head mounted displays other than oculus rift? Hace you seen any of the new technologies such as the Sony Morpheus and Avegant Glyph? Is this possible to support the other devices within Star Citizen?

Interest in any of the other things. If it's cool and CryEngine supports, they are interested. Mentioned Track-IR as on the list of things to do.

10:52 Q - Monroe Alans - Will we get to select our home planets in the PU? If we can, will this give us a small reputation bonus with the locals, or perhaps reduce prices on certain items on our home planet?

Distribute people around the universe. SQ42 may have a way to select your PU starting planet. There will be some choice.

11:48 Q - Uchuu - Concerning ship variants, how many of the ships will receive variants and how many will you leave for players to experiment with in-game without set pre-determined variants?

Tend to do variants on the more common ships. Deisel version, heh.

13:08 Q - Jun'Tsu - With all of the instancing that will be going on, what is the expectation around loading times? Is there a target amount of time to load instances that you are aiming for? I'm assuming more memory will help with this?

Hopefully you won't be noticing the loading times. Streaming of objects as you move. It's part of upcoming changes they are doing. It shouldn't feel like you are looking at loading screens. Does recommend SSDs.

15:04 Q - Locke Ravenford - My question has to do with electronic warfare. With inclusion of the "encrypted" core of the Drake Herald info runner and the ongoing development of seat actions on capital ships, are there any plans for an electronic warfare metagame beyond the signature based system you've spoke about in the past? What will be the role of "hacking"?

Yes. One cap ship station can be allocated to ewar and hacking. Drake Herald has potential. Also EMF. Look for more down the road.

16:10 Q - Perry the Cynic - Please explain the in-game rationale for the speed limit. Is it imposed by the flight control system or the physics engine? Isn't the notion of absolute speed an inherent contradiction to newtonian physics? What alternatives have you explored for getting the dogfight feel that you want?

Practical reason physics engines break down when you get large numbers, working on that with double precision. Also high relative speeds leads to only micro-seconds of engagement. In game, g-forces is part of that. Maneuvering into a "dogfight" needs to be limited if there are no inertia compensation. So in fiction is IFCS does it for safety.

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